Interpersonal Communication & Desires – Mar 10-11

On Saturday we had some magical clarity from the Sun. Can you recall the clarity you received?

At 9:24am (EST) on Saturday the Sun at 19:57 Pisces Quintiled Saturn at 7:57 Capricorn.

This may have been some insight into your subconscious feelings about the new structures Saturn has been initiating since he Ingressed Capricorn on Dec 19, 2017. Have you been initating some new career goals and objectives? Today you might have glimpsed how these could pan out.

Early Sunday Mercury aspected the 2 Interpersonal Planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and on Tuesday Venus will make the same aspects. Pay attention to how these aspects play out as it will help you to better feel each of the Planets’ energies.

At 3:00am on Sunday Mercury at 8:00 Aries Squared Saturn at 8:00 Capricorn.

There may have been some aggressive words that felt Karmic in nature and involved your own will vs someone else’s power and authority.

At 8:39am on Tuesday Venus at 8:08 Aries Squares Saturn at 8:08 Capricorn.

This may bring the use of your own resources into a challenge with someone in authority or your own career plans. You may want to do your own thing, but you are being restricted to your career plans and probably shouldn’t spend too of of your own money right now. This will be Part 2 of the story that was expressed by Mercury. A woman could be involved here.

At 6:40am on Sunday Mercury at 8:13 Aries Ses-Squared Jupiter Rx at 23:13 Scorpio.

Adjusting your words here would create an ease. There is you and someone else involved when an Interpersonal Planet is aspected. It is someone you are intimate with or someone who is a financial backer of sorts. Integrity and transparency around your personal motivations and the use of their money or your intimate relating is required.

At 9:55am on Tuesday Venus at 8:12 Aries Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 23:12 Scorpio.

Jupiter has been hovering at 23+ degrees for a week already so there is an important point to be made around your intimate philosophy. How does this philosophy make you adjust your personal desires today? Will you use your own money to do your own thing or will you consider that you are still using someone else’s money and may need to reciprocate a bit with their needs.

Back to Sunday we had 2 more aspects early morning.

At 7:23am Mars at 26:24 Sagittarius Trined Uranus at 26:24 Aries.

Mars rules Uranus in Aries so there is a great ease today around all things ‘male’ and our personal actions and motivations. Mars is near the Galactic Center and making a grand statement around his actions today. It may be hard to notice as Mars is action that occurs without forethought. There is no fighting here, however, but rather gallantry of actions.

At 7:56am the Sun at 20:51 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 20:51 Capricorn.

Pluto is nearing the end of his time at 20+ degrees Capricorn and will Station Retrograde at 21:17 on Apr 22, just 5 days after Saturn Stations Rx in Capricorn as well. If you have a Planet or Point at 19-21 degrees of the Cardinal Signs you have likely been very aware of Pluto’s presence lately. The Sun is providing some clarity in to ways we can see how our subconscious can trip us up with Pluto types in our lives. Pluto rules intimacy and use of others’ money. Pluto in Capricorn merges power and authority with your intimacy and use of others’ money. So we have all been learning ways to deal with the Pluto elephant in the room since late 2008. WE could be the elephant. Today see how you respond to authority or how you use your own authority. Saturn’s and Jupiter’s Transits right now are holding us accountable to integrity and response-ability to our sharing.

There are no aspects on Monday and I’m sorry you are getting these aspects AFTER they have occurred, but they may be easier to identify in hindsight. Reflection is good as all Retrograde Planets prove!

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