Communication & Desires Get Initiated – Mar 5/6

A few of these aspects have already exacted and are separating now. But it has been a busy 24+ hours, not to mention past 2 weeks in hospital, as my daughter came through open heart surgery involving her congenital heart defect. Thanks for all of our connected faith (Neptune Opposite her Virgo Sun) in getting her through it as I knew she would.

At 8:26pm on Monday night Mercury at 29:33 Pisces Ses-Squared the North Node at 14:33 Leo.

Here were some critical words (29 degrees is a critical degree or Anaretic) around our subconscious faith and belief and our children, romantic partners, entertainment, etc. Are we being Soulful in our play and creativity?

At 2:34am on Tuesday Mercury Ingressed Aries.

The words we initiate over the next few days will express our new annual cycle as Aries is the beginning energy of this cycle. We can be angry today or aggressive towards communicating our new ideas and sentiments.

At 9:22am Venus at 29:31 Pisces Ses-Squared the North Node at 14:31 Leo.

Now our desires will be looked at through the lens of the words we expressed last night. There is a critical element to what we want at the moment.

At 6:45pm Venus Ingresses Aries.

Women will act in ways that demonstrate some of our new desires and values for the year ahead. Aries is where we act without thought and we will be simply acting on the new desires we brought up from the depth of Pisces’ waters.

Wednesday through Saturday offers only magical aspects! The magic is between Mercury & Venus to Pluto and the Sun to Saturn and the North Node. What has been initiated with Mercury and Venus ingressing Aries will get magical support from authority and financial backers!! Whoo hoo!


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