3-Way of Soulful Healing – Mar 4/5

At 1:05pm (EST) on Sunday Mercury at 27:13 Pisces Conjuncts Venus at 27:13 Pisces.

Just 5 minutes from the exact 2nd Heartbreak Square (Saturn Square Chiron) of Apr 30, 2017, our conscious mind and our healing desires meet just prior to Conjuncting Chiron. This is vast, Soulful stuff happening today. As Mercury and Venus are starting to surface our new ideas and desires as they prepare to Ingress Aries, they are also meeting with the umbilical cord to our Soul, Chiron. There is much that can be received in the way of 5D consciousness as Chiron helps us to be in our Soul Awareness. If you feel pain, rise above it! You can move into some very new avenues over the next few days.

At 4:25pm Mercury at 27:28 Pisces Conjuncts Chiron at 27:28 Pisces.

Meeting just past the exact 2nd Heartbreak Square, this aspect takes our conscious mind beyond the pain. We may have the words to show what we have learned over the last year. We can certainly see how we are all connected and the purpose of our Soul in allowing us this human experience.

At 5:59pm Venus at 27:28 Pisces Conjuncts Chiron at 27:28 Pisces.

Here there is some healing on tap that will help us as we move forward towards more Soul Awareness. Our desires are aligning in the oneness of Pisces and the Soulfulness of Chiron. Its powerful stuff to set new values and experience new ways to love ourselves and others.

At 1:11am on Monday the Sun at 14:37 Pisces Quincunx the North Node at 14:37 Leo.

Right now Transiting Saturn at 7+ Capricorn is in orb of a Biquintile to the North Node in Leo. There is some magic around the ways we are initiating new structures in the area of our lives where we have 7+ Capricorn. The Sun is essentially in a Decile, or half of a Quintile, to Saturn right now. The Decile is resourcefulness energy. With the Nodes of Fate in this mix, see if you can find the storyline for you between the Houses (areas of life) where you have these 3 points. Here is an example from my chart:

Early Monday morning my daughter (Sun in 5th House of children by Sun Sign) will have her 2nd Open Heart Surgery. This time they will replace the faulty valve (Chiron in Pisces bringing up the last year’s Heartbreak Square energy this week). She was born with a congenital heart issue that alarmed the doctors at her 6-week appointment. She has her Black Moon Lillith at 28 degrees Scorpio, Conjunct my Sun at 29 degrees Scorpio which creates a 5D ability to move through near-death issues. Over the last 14 days she has been in heart failure due to an infection (Mars in Sagittarius Square her Natal Sun at 14+ Virgo and Square Transiting Neptune). Remember this morning (Sunday morning), the Sun was Conjunct Neptune Opposite her Natal Sun. The last 2 Solar Ecilpses at 28+ & 27+ Leo have created the acute challenge to her BML Conjunct her Natal Uranus and Opposite her Natal Chiron. I told her she was my ‘miracle baby’ and she would pull out of this. Though she was soooo close to ‘death’ as well over the last 12 days. The magic has been from Saturn Conjunct my Natal Venus Biquintile the Nodes of Fate. I usually go to zero dollars in my pocket most days (2nd House in Sagittarius, optimism around resources), but that puts Saturn in my 3rd House of siblings by Sun Sign. My sister (Natal Venus) drove me down here to be with my daughter, has paid for EVERYTHING and has stayed the entire time so we could each do one night on and off in her hospital room. AND she has done so much more (resourcefulness for sure). And so we go into the surgery knowing (Pisces) that all will be well. She will come through with renewed energy she has never yet experienced. Neptune Opposite her Natal Sun last year and this year can create confusion that is now turning into belief. Remember Mars, while creating the infection, was testing each of our new spiritual philosophy that Saturn helped us shape over the last 3 years. Now we are building public structures. Saturn is Transiting my daughter’s 5th House of the heart by Sun Sign, initiating new strength and power there:)

2 thoughts on “3-Way of Soulful Healing – Mar 4/5

  1. With this 3-way conjunction of Venus, Mercury, and Chiron [Body, Mind, & Soul] we can all look forward to some amazing healing. I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT in my mind that your precious daughter will come thru her next surgery strengthened beyond what would be considered ‘humanly possible’!

    This conjunction, and that of Sun/Neptune are activating a natal yod in my chart with Moon at 17 of Pisces [3rd], Mercury 18 of Leo [8th] and transit moon conjunct MC at 18 of Libra. [Saturn and Pluto are both in my 1st house- and HEALING is exactly what I’ve been “working” on for the last 3 years that Saturn was transiting Sag, my 12th.]

    THIS IS A WEEK FOR MIRACLES… we just have to open our hearts [Sun 8 Leo/ 8th quincunx Saturn 1st] to receiving them!

    Many blessings to you and yours on this incredible journey <3 <3 <3

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