Prelude to an Eclipse – Feb 13/14

We are so close to the Solar Eclipse right now that we can almost FEEL it!

At 5:39pm (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 22:24 Aquarius Squares Jupiter at 22:24 Scorpio.

This is the Opening Square of Mercury to Jupiter since they began their current cycle on Oct 18 at 1:42 Scorpio. Likely today brought some unexpected communication around shared resources, legal matters or philosophical viewpoint and a revelation of some sort. The Square would ensure there is some duality to the information that gets revealed. But integrity could be available as well.

At 9:23pm the Sun at 25:20 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus at 25:20 Aries.

Uranus rules the Sun in Aquarius and the impending Solar Eclipse at 27:08 Aquarius that exacts at 4:05pm (EST) on Thursday. Revelation and change is part of this scenario. You can begin to set goals that will align you with the Eclipse’s ‘Fresh Start’ and help you to continue on your path to personal freedom. Seeing things clearly, in flashes of inspiration and awareness is what this aspect is about.

At 11:01am on Wednesday Mercury at 23:40 Aquarius Quintiles Mars at 23:40 Sagittarius.

Now our expressions, communications and thoughts can magically resolve any issues raised with the Square to Jupiter. How can we apply our new spiritual philosophy to deal with the awareness of any lack of integrity or issue with transparency? Are there actions we can take to rectify things? We are likely to act without forethought and it will be just the right thing to do. Grateful words and actions could be just the ticket!

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