Changed Communication and Authority – Feb 12

We are just 4 days from the Solar Eclipse at 27:08 Aquarius which exacts at 4:05pm on Thursday. Likely you are already feeling what your Rapid Change (Eclipse energy) Fresh Start (New Moon Solar Eclipse) will be. Monday will bring us more information to align with Eclipse energies.

At 3:34am (EST) on Monday Mars at 10:16 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus at 25:16 Aries.

As I write this we are already feeling the energies. Mars rules Uranus in Aries so there is plenty of motivation at hand. Mars in applying action to our new spiritual philosophy and Uranus is lighting up our path to freedom. The Ses-Squares requires an adjustment to create an ease between these 2 Planetary positions. You could be very head-strong and need to accommodate some senior/mentor/foreigner type into your personal path. Or you could be needing to adjust your personal path with the philosophy you are now acting on.

At 11:24am Mercury at 20:11 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 20:11 Capricorn.

This is some productive communication between your changed ideas and your own use of power or someone else’s use of authority. This is Mercury’s first aspect to Pluto since their Conjunction on Jan 24 at 19:35 Capricorn. There is some change to what you discussed at that time based on some Aquarian revelations to your conscious mind.

At 10:47pm Mercury at 21:01 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 6:01 Capricorn.

If you were skipping any steps in your new plans discussed with some Pluto-types, Saturn is going to hold you accountable to dotting all of your ‘i’s’ and crossing all of your ‘t’s’. There is no need for any fear here, simply some stern reminder to be response-able to Saturn’s energies.


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