Venus Gets Expansive & Inspired – Feb 4-6

The next few days are quiet as we inch towards the Solar Eclipse. We are in the wormhole and things are moving, but the aspect are mostly minor ones filling in the dots of the ‘Fresh Start Rapid Change’ of the Solar Eclipse occurring on Feb 15, 4:05pm (EST) at 27:08 Aquarius.

From Sunday to Tuesday Venus makes the only 2 aspects to 2 Higher Mind Planets.

At 1:07am on Sunday Venus at 21:35 Aquarius Squares Jupiter at 21:35 Scorpio.

While a Square is 3D and Karmic in nature, given that it is between the 2 Healing Planets, its not so rough. Yes, our unexpected or changed desires (Venus in Aquarius) could challenge our new intimate philosophy. Or someone’s philanthropic gesture could rub our benefactors (Jupiter in Scorpio) the wrong way. They may feel they are losing some control over us. Or our optimism becomes expanded beyond what is likely possible challenging our new desires. But its a fast-moving aspect not likely to be too detrimental. We will have a few days to mull over what has occurred.

At 8:37pm on Tuesday Venus at 25:07 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus at 25:07 Aries.

Uranus rules Venus in Aquarius and so the revelation and productive changes that result will help us to work through any issues from Venus’ Square to Jupiter. Uranus has you looking at your own path to freedom where you may not need to rely on someone else’s backing to pursue your new desires. On Wednesday afternoon Venus will Semi-Sextile Chiron providing us with some productive subconscious insight into how we can move forward.

By the time of the Solar Eclipse Venus will be in early Pisces and we will be reviewing our changed desires and testing them in the deep waters of Pisces.

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