Higher Mind Aspects in the Wormhole-Jan 28/29

The Eclipse Wormhole has been bringing us through many changes that are showing us what the Rapid Change of this Eclipse cycle is all about for each of us. We have just 2 days and a wake-up before the Lunar Eclipse at 11:37 Leo exacts on Wednesday morning at 8:27am. The Moon will Ingress Leo at 1:53pm on Tuesday bringing us into the actual feeling energy of the Lunar Eclipse which is an emotional RESET.

At 1:50pm (EST) on Sunday Mercury at 25:37 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 25:37 Pisces.

Some helpful communication that shows how well you are initiating structures based on your new spiritual philosophy. These structures should be helping you recover from the Heartbreak Squares of Dec 2016-2017. Likely someone, or yourself, in authority will speak some words that show how you have worked through the pain.

At 6:07pm on Monday night Venus at 14:57 Aquarius Opposes the North Node at 14:57 Leo.

This aspect is very near the Lunar Eclipse of Aug 7, 2017. From Monday to Tuesday, you may have some issue come up about resources (Venus) that you had to let go of (South Node) as a result of the Lunar Eclipse. Or maybe you changed your desires or values around your fun, creativity and romance while letting go of groups of people (South Node in Aquarius).

At 10:02pm Mercury at 27:43 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 12:43 Pisces.

A bit of irritation between our conscious mind and subconscious mind. Are you career plans or social status structures proceeding as we thought they would? If not, we need to look within for any barriers to our own success.

And this is the last aspect before the Lunar Eclipse.

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