Cycles of Time – Jan 20/21

At 6:45pm (EST) on Saturday night Venus at 3:40 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 3:40 Capricorn.

This is the opening aspect in the current Venus/Saturn cycle. They began this cycle on Dec 25 with their Conjunction at 0:40 Capricorn. Now that we are getting familiar with Saturn’s energy in Capricorn, we have some new insight into what Saturn is up to. If you have Planets or Points at 0-6 degrees of the Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn, you are likely feeling the storyline build around any Karmic fear Saturn might be stirring up. If your Natal Saturn is at 0-6 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, you are really starting to feel the heat building (or it already has).

Remember that to RESOLVE Karma we will first SEE it manifest in our conscious world. Then we want to NOT blame anyone else for what is happening, but rather realize it IS our Karmic fear and LOSE THE FEAR. At that point it can begin to evaporate. Now Saturn Conjunct, Square or Opposite Natal Saturn is going to bring about NEW structures. Ones you may not think that you want, but they will be altered in some way.

With Venus in Aquarius now, she is bringing in some revelation (Aquarius) around our desires (Venus) regarding Saturn’s accountability to our career, public reputation/social status and authority. Aquarius rules the social network so you can desire to circulate more, but being ever mindful of what Saturn wants you to focus on. Any CHANGED (Aquarius) desires should be working productively with Saturn for the moment, though could be bringing a change to your status quo.

At 1:41pm on Sunday Mercury at 14:57 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 14:57 Leo.

This cycle of Mercury to the North Node began at their Conjunction at 24:22 Leo on Jul 21, 2017. Now we are making an adjustment to the romantic or fun words expressed at that time. Have we learned more about how to Soulfully view our casual sex, romance, entertainment, creativity and children? If we have, then we need to adjust our words of authority to these same Leo partners in our lives. The North Node has just passed over the degree of the Lunar Eclipse that occurred on Aug 7 at 15:25 Leo. Words spoken today may express how we have made changes, and now adjustments, in light of the Aug Eclipse cycle. We are wrapping up that cycle now in preparation for the Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31st at 11:37 Leo.

At 11:50pm on Sunday night the Sun at 2:06 Aquarius Quintiles Jupiter at 20:06 Scorpio.

Now we have some magical (Quintile) clarity (Sun) and revelation (Aquarius) around our intimate (Scorpio) philosophy (Jupiter). Scorpio’s highest vibration is transparency in intimate and financial dealings and Jupiter is holding us to that higher perspective. This Quintile will show us how freeing (Aquarius) honesty is and how vital it is to intimacy.

There are no aspects between the Transiting Planets from Sunday night until Tuesday night when the Sun Semi-Sextiles Saturn. Though you likely have aspects made to your Natal chart.



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