Clarity, Contracts, Change & Caution – Jan 17

By the New Moon at 9:17pm (EST) on Tuesday night we are in the Eclipse Wormhole that will be bringing us ‘Rapid Change.’ The Moon will ingress Aquarius on Wednesday along with Venus. The Sun will ingress Aquarius on Friday night and the Lunar Eclipse energies will begin to build in earnest.

At 7:05am (EST) the Sun at 27:19 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 12:19 Pisces.

We can use this clarity to reveal what Neptune’s fog often keeps hidden from view. The Sun is just 45 degrees (or roughly 45 days) from the next Conjunction with Neptune which occurs on Mar 4 at 13:56 Pisces. It is a great time to take stock of what their current cycle is wrapping up. Their current current cycle began on Mar 1, 2017 at 11:42 Pisces. Their Opening Square was on Jun 4 at 14:14 Gemini/Pisces. On Sep 5 they were in Opposition at 12:51 Virgo/Pisces. Their Closing Square was on Dec 3 at 11:30 Sagittarius/Pisces. Now we have some minor irritant, but the clarity will still serve to help us see what Neptune is dissolving in the area of our lives where we have 11-15 Pisces. How can you use the clarity of what is dissolving to set better career goals?

At 10:21am Mercury at 8:55 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 14:55 Leo.

This double-magic aspect could bring some nice romantic expression or some authority reaching out to you regarding a creative venture, entertainment or something to do with children. This could be some decision or contract that brings forward the goals and desires you set as the Sun and Venus Biquintiled the North Node on Dec 30 and Jan 1 respectively. Both the Sun and Venus met the NN at 9+ degrees of Capricorn so the magical results could come in later on Wednesday morning as Mercury crosses over 9 degrees.

At 8:43pm Venus Ingresses Aquarius.

This marks the beginning of a month of changed or surprising desires, unexpected giving and sharing, values around groups and the social network and touching others through the inner webs. As the first Personal Planet into Aquarius Venus will be showing us our desires ahead of our ability to set goals and to write contracts. Though money is available if we apply our own resources or through unexpected philanthropy and charity.

At 4:37pm Mars at 24:40 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus at 24:40 Aries.

This is a lot of Mars energy as he rules Uranus in his own Sign of Aries and is considered a ‘co-ruler’ of Scorpio. These 2 Planets can create unexpected actions which we later refer to as ‘accidents’ so do your best to stay in awareness and monitor unexpected motivations. Try to catch yourself before you act too hastily. In the Sign of Scorpio, Mars is motivated to pursue intimacy and the use of other peoples’ assets. Uranus wants to find his own path to freedom so the money can help Uranus find his way. But the way Mars acts may determine the outcome. Something needs to be adjusted with the Quincunx.

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