Clarifying Soul Awareness – Jan 14/15

On Sunday the Sun will begin to move through the same aspects that Venus did on Saturday. That is a Square to Uranus and Sextile to Chiron which is a bit of Soul Awareness.

At 3:45pm (EST) on Sunday the Sun at 24:38 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 24:38 Aries.

This is the clarity around the changed desires or awareness of desires that we had yesterday as Venus Squared Uranus. Do you see now what you really desire? It has something to do with you (Aries) and your own use of power or the power of someone else (Capricorn). If you desire (Venus) a career path (Capricorn) that gives you more freedom (Uranus in Aries), then you can get clear about new goals to set for that path today.

At 2:00am on Monday the Sun at 25:04 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 25:04 Pisces.

This aspect will allow you to reach some gratitude for any subconscious pain that is lingering from the Heartbreak Squares. But the Sun in Capricorn working productively with Chiron (Sextile) will show you how your new career goals may be a result of the pain of last year and it is all happening for a reason. So you can SEE how this has actually been of some benefit and find the peaceful gratitude that is there today.

At 4:47pm Venus at 27:16 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune at 12:16 Pisces.

There is some irritation between your new, changed desires and something in your subconscious mind. Make a mental note of it and move on. If you don’t want to touch someone for some reason today, then don’t for now. If you are worried about finances, just note it. But see if you can understand what in your past history has caused this to happen. The answer is there somewhere.

At 11:13pm on Monday night Jupiter at 19:18 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 19:18 Capricorn.

This aspect could finally lead to some understanding regarding all of the ‘Sex Scandal’ stuff in the media. I don’t watch any news but understand that there is more male-on-male sexual harassment going on now, too. Which I would have expected as Pluto’s (intimacy, sexual manipulation) Transit through Capricorn (sign of male authority) has brought out far more misuse of power from men to other men or powerful women to men.

More about this aspect tomorrow… stay tuned;)


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