Interpersonal Soul-Awareness – Jan 13

On Saturday Mercury aspects the 2 Interpersonal Planets: Jupiter and Saturn. Venus meets the ‘Soul Awareness’ partners, again.

At 2:03am (EST) on Saturday Mercury at 2:49 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 2:49 Capricorn.

Saturn has just entered the 1st Phase of his impending Retrograde cycle. He will Station Rx on Apr 17 at 9:09 Capricorn and Station Direct on Sep 6 at 2:23 Capricorn. So we are beginning to go through some initiating of structures (Saturn’s & Capricorn’s energy) which will be reviewed at this time. So pay attention to what you say or hear today as it could signal which structures will be reviewed again in late Aug/early Sep.

This is the ‘contract’ stage of development as Mercury rules communication and all forms of writing. The Sun was Conjunct Saturn on Dec 21 at 0:12 Capricorn. Venus was Conjunct Saturn on Dec 25 at 0:40 Capricorn. Their clarity and desires/values will not be revisited, but the resulting communicating with Saturn at this point will be reviewed again for any cracks in the foundations you are building.

At 2:08pm Venus at 24:38 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 24:38 Aries.

Part 1 of the ‘Soul Awareness’ potential available today. The Square can make Uranus’ shocking energy more bizarre than usual. Venus involves your values, resources, desires and attractions. Uranus in aspect to Venus can create love at first sight that doesn’t typically last for very long. The Square may keep it from being as wonderful as it might be otherwise. But it will certainly surprise you and others. Your awareness here may be how to use your own resources and social status to find more personal freedom as well.

At 9:52pm Venus at 25:02 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 25:02 Pisces.

Minor, but productive, this aspect is some healing around authority and structures in your life to ease some of last year’s heartbreak. This is a tug from your Soul to be kind, gracious and offer healing where there has been heartache. Uranus shocks and sanitizes any pain while Chiron allows us to tap into our Soul’s for the right perspective to life on Earth.

At 10:55pm Mercury at 4:01 Capricorn Semi-Squares Jupiter at 19:01 Scorpio.

A bit of too much talking or over-the-top planning here. Jupiter will keep it from being too irritating, but it can be that we overdo communications with someone. Definitely not ‘less is more’ with this aspect. As the 2nd Interpersonal Planet aspect today, you may be speaking with the same players as your earlier conversation after midnight when Mercury met Saturn. When the Interpersonal Planets are involved, the aspect includes at least one other person.

As of this aspect, Jupiter will be applying in earnest to Sextile Pluto which will exact on Monday at 11:13pm. See if you can track the storyline that began taking form at the 5-way aspects of Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto last Mon – Wed.

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