A 5-Way of Investment & Intimate Dealings – Jan 8-10

Monday and Tuesday will be fun as Sun and Venus apply to Conjunct Pluto while the Sun and Venus Sextile Mars and then Jupiter and then Mars.

At 7:07am (EST) on Monday the Sun at 18:19 Capricorn Sextiles Jupiter at 18:19 Scorpio.

This is clarity around our use of power in our intimate dealings and situations. Jupiter is giving us a big picture view of things.

At 11:13am Venus at 18:11 Capricorn Sextiles Jupiter at 18:11 Scorpio.

Our desires around power, social status and our own resources are working productively with our intimate situations and those we share resources with.

At 2:59pm Mars at 19:03 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 19:03 Capricorn.

Our motivations to merge with others physically and financially is productive to those in authority.

At 2:02am on Tuesday the Sun at 18:57 Capricorn Conjuncts Venus at 18:57 Capricorn.

Here we get clear around our desires for power and social status.

At 4:03am Venus at 19:04 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 19:04 Capricorn.

Our desires to merge with someone in authority, or to use their resources, seems to work out as we both want the same thing. Touch and/or sex may be involved in sealing any deal.

At 4:33am the Sun at 19:04 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 19:04 Capricorn.

On the exact same degree and minute as the above aspect, we are seeing clearly our own motivations for power or social status as well as those of our intimate partners.

At 4:08pm Venus at 19:42 Capricorn Sextiles Mars at 19:42 Scorpio.

Men and women are working productively at sharing resources, physical sharing and bringing in a balance of power.

On Wednesday the Sun will Sextile Mars and on Jan 15 Jupiter will Sextile Pluto bringing us the big finale of a business merger that is getting pulled together on Monday and Tuesday.

If you are looking for some career or investment situations to get firmed up from Monday to Jan 15 we will be getting clear about the deal and our own desires and how to apply our own resources. But the final contract may not get signed until Mercury Conjuncts Pluto and Sextiles Jupiter on Jan 24 & 25 respectively.

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