Venus Goes Deep & Soulful

On Wednesday and Thursday Venus makes the same aspects to Neptune and Chiron as the Sun did on Monday. The Sun brought clarity and Venus will bring out our desires.

At 12:38pm (EST) on Wednesday Venus at 11:58 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 11:58 Pisces.

This is a productive aspect around our subconscious desires. This creates an ease around touch and desires for power (Venus in Capricorn). Or if you wants to acquire an item to increase your social status, this aspect can make you less worried about the outlay of cash.

At 3:10am on Thursday Venus at 12:44 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 12:44 Pisces.

This is a nice healing aspect between our desires and values to our collective Soul-Level connection. If you have been through a lot of pain lately from Chiron aspecting a Personal Planet or Point, Venus can now offer some help. Someone may reach out to touch you in a healing way. Or they may offer you some resources for you to build some new structures in your life. A woman could know just what you need and offer it. Be sure to take time to heal over any lingering situation. It is a good time for that.

We are in a rare window right now with NO Planets in Retrograde! That means that each Planet is operating in their most straightforward manner, literally. Their energies are strong and we can use them most effectively. We will have this energy intact until Jupiter Stations Retrograde on Mar 8th. Mercury will Station Retrograde just a few days later. So enjoy this time and soak up all the newness that you can.

How did you make out with the awareness on Uranus’ Direct Station? Mine was not as illuminating as the previous Stations in Aries, but there some was very unexpected and interesting new opportunities that opened up. It remains to be seen what Uranus’ plan is around it all. In fact, I woke up right at 9:11am!!

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