My Favorite Day of the Year! – Jan 2

As I write this post the Full Moon has not exacted yet. It will on Monday night at 9:23pm (EST) at 11:37 Cancer. We will get to see how we FEEL about things around home and career, nurturing and authority.

But Jan 2nd holds a LOT of promise for setting New Year’s Resolutions. So you may want to wait until that time to decide what they will be. The day starts with clarifying dreams which leads to REVELATION and more.

At 4:37am the Sun at 11:56 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 11:56 Pisces.

The Sun in aspect to Neptune is ALWAYS helpful. Acting like ‘fog lights’ seeing through the hidden, foggy realms of Neptune, the Sun brings clarity. Wherever you have 11-14 degrees of Pisces is where Neptune has been dissolving areas of your life over the last year. But as he operates behind the scenes of the ‘seen’ world, we aren’t usually able to SEE what he is doing. What he is morphing as a way to change our reality which both the Sun and Neptune operate in. The Sun is the SEEN reality and Neptune is the UNSEEN reality. With the Sun in Capricorn, Sign of authority and power, we can SEE how Neptune’s morphing has changed our use of power and our social status.

At 9:11am Uranus Stations Direct at 24:34 Aries.

Uranus Stations while he is Transiting in Aries always bring a download of revelation directly into our Crown Chakra (the head and parts of the brain that Aries rules). Over the last several months (since Aug 3, 2017 when Uranus Stationed Retrograde at 28:32 Aries) our awareness has been looking in a rearview mirror as we reflected on new revelations Uranus brought us before he Stations Retrograde. As he Stations, Uranus’ energy to REVEAL is extremely powerful and potent. If you watch for it, seek some alone time (Aries is the individual), you will NOT be disappointed. Uranus will illuminate the path ahead for you taking you through to his next Retrograde Station on Aug 7th. I can tell you his revelations over the last several Direct Stations! And acting (Aries) on the revelations will be precisely what the energy calls for and you will see how it ALL is MEANT TO BE.

This is the next to last Direct Station Uranus will have while in Aries. Uranus in Aries is revelation to each individual on their path to freedom. Once Uranus Stations Direct in Taurus, we are likely to change our values, our beauty treatments or give philanthropically of our own resources, but we won’t have this type of revelation again for another almost 80 years!

When Uranus Stationed Direct in Pisces, the revelation came through in dreams or daydreams. Before reading on, please note that the Bible IS mythological truth just as Greek and Roman gods and goddess stories are.

I can remember tossing and turning throughout the night of Dec 21, 2010.  I kept hearing a voice of thought of as ‘god’ which is really Neptune, saying, “I showed myself to 2 groups of people: the Shepherds and the Magi/Wisemen.” About 10 days later, I traveled for Christmas and my son gave me a copy of the Tao to read. I read only the Intro and was getting hit by more and more awareness! I knew then the Magi had come from China, not Persia. And that Christ was ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’ because the Tao means ‘the Way.’ And that Christ’s teachings (Jupiter/Sagittarius) fulfilled not just the Torah, but the Tao as well. He was the Superior Man the Chinese teachings were striving for.

I was slightly familiar with the Tao (Jupiter) before this point. But it was interesting that I was explaining my ‘spiritual philosophy’ as ‘the Way’… meaning keep moving forward and all will be taken care of. “Look neither to the right nor to the left” as the Bible says when Moses was taking the tribe to the Promised Land.

A few days ago I looked at the chart for the Solar Eclipse of Dec 21, 2010. Jupiter was Conjunct Uranus in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). This means that all 3 Higher Mind Planetary energies were merged at the time! And Jupiter/Uranus were Square the the Sun and Moon across the axis of local/global, small town (Bethlehem/Gemini) and birth of spiritual philosophy (Sagittarius). AND Neptune was Conjunct Chiron bringing in Soul Awareness BEFORE I really recalled all of my past lives and remembered 5D!

A month later I was unexpectedly inside a church service and the Pastor confirmed they had just discovered the Magi came from China! They had traveled over many means of conveyance (Sagittarius rules long-distance travel, spiritual mentors) to arrive in Jerusalem 2 years later when Christ was 2 and Herod (Pluto) killed all the 2 year old boys trying to eradicate him.

When Uranus began Stationing Direct in Aries and Square to Pluto from Jun 2012-Mar 2015, I changed the name of my astrology 3 times!! Aries rules the self and the first impression and therefore our ‘names’. I was first the ‘Magi Astrologer’ because of the impact of Uranus’ Station coinciding with the Solar Eclipse, etc. Then I was the ‘Soulful Astrologer’ as I began to remember my other/pastlives. And now I write ‘5D Astrology’ and call myself an Awareness Junkie as I have on my business card. This came when I met a young guy who used 100% of his brain (and heart) and fulfilled what I had seen when I wrote my novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug.

Soon Uranus will Station Direct in Taurus and we will likely see people freeing themselves of the many resources they have acquired seeking to level themselves with others. Uranus rules equality and philanthropy and Venus rules assets and resources.

There is still more to come on Tuesday:

At 12:14pm Mars at 15:15 Scorpio Squares the North Node at 15:15 Leo.

Our motivation to merge our bodies and our resources with another will be tested Soulfully against the North Node’s sense of fun, romance and creativity. Will you add in some fun to the equation? Will you use some resources to seek entertainment or artistic endeavors? Men could be put in the vice grip of the Nodes of Fate as they are seeking passion. We have had quite enough of this already so please learn the North Node’s purpose in Leo is to add humor to your romance or to abstain from sex if it moves out of the realm of fun and into Scorpio intensity.

At 10:32pm the Sun at 12:42 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 24:42 Pisces.

Here we will get a glimpse into some of what Chiron’s Transit over the last year was about. Seeing into the Soul’s perspective via Chiron will allow us to see the purpose of what has occurred and to move into gratitude. It will be effortless to achieve the gratitude and to let go of any pain.



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