Soul Awareness & Merlin Mind – Dec 29

Just after midnight on Friday we have a minor Soul Awareness aspect. Shortly after we will find ourselves or others expressing our new spiritual philosophy and Soulful fun.

At 12:41am (EST) Uranus Rx at 24:35 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 24:35 Pisces.

Uranus is just one minute from his Direct Station which will occur at 9:11am on Jan 2. When Uranus Stations Direct it is my favorite day of the year! What a great way to start the New Year and Winter Solstice. Right now he is amping up his revelatory strength as he prepares to flip direction. A Semi-Sextile is a minor, but helpful/productive, aspect. Chiron is the umbilical cord to our Soul and in Pisces Chiron is our collective umbilical cord. Throughout the Heartbreak Squares of the last year, Uranus was in a Semi-Sextile to Chiron and Trine to Saturn. He was assisting us through the pain of the Heartbreak to see some Soul Awareness. In fact, on Dec 28 last year, we had the 1st Heartbreak Square with Saturn and Chiron at 21+ degrees of Sagittarius/Pisces respectively. Today we can get a glimpse into our Soul Awareness and further resolve some of the lingering issues of the Heartbreak Transit. Uranus in Aries is self (Aries) awareness (Uranus) into the crown chakra. Chiron in Pisces in 3D is guilt, shame and emotional manipulation. But in 5D we should have little to no pain from Chiron as we are IN Soul Awareness. We realize this is all just an experience and we roll with it. Use this aspect today to get further into your understanding of the truth of the seen and unseen world so you can apply your Merlin Mind.

At 1:33am Mercury at 15:36 Sagittarius Trines the North Node at 15:36 Leo.

Some very easy expressions of our new spiritual philosophy, resulting from Saturn’s 3-year Transit through Sagittarius, and our Soul-Level lessons around fun, romance, children and creativity. This is a very helpful aspect to put new energies into our Leo area of life so we can stay in more 5D applications of Leo energies which encompass entertainment, romance/casual sex, children, creativity/art, etc. See how you can merge your new spiritual philosophy with your new Leo energies. Keep in mind, we developed this new spiritual philosophy as Saturn Transited Sagittarius and created the 3 Heartbreak Squares with Chiron. The Crisis of Faith the Heartbreak Squares caused had to be worked through under harsh circumstances. It was a trial by fire! Now 2 of the 3 Fire Signs are getting synced by this aspect and we can speak about the results of it all. With Mercury now Direct, it is the final word on our new beliefs.


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