Mercury Stations Direct 8:51pm EST – Dec 22

Tonight, as many gather for the Holiday Season, we will have a shift in our conscious mind’s thoughts, ideas and expressions.

At 8:51pm (EST) Mercury at 13:00 Sagittarius Stations Direct.

Mercury is in orb to a Square to Neptune, though he will not Rx back far enough to exact a Square. It still feels like a 3D Square between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. This creates a ‘Hall of Mirrors’ where we often see another person in the shoes that we want to be in. Who this is is determined by the House where you have 13 degrees Sagittarius and 11:44 Pisces.

There can be some excessive drinking tonight as Mercury is in Sagittarius in this Square to Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune in hard aspect (a Square is the hardest) create excessive escapist behaviors and overwhelming subconscious energies.

There could be a ‘Trading Places’ type of feel tonight as Mercury shows our physical world to us, but the flip in direction could change who the player is rather quickly. This is an excellent evening to see the magical chaos of the 3D mind vs. Higher Mind energies.

This the Closing Square of the current Mercury/Neptune cycle which began on Mar 4, 2017 when Mercury Conjunct Neptune at 11:48 Pisces, just 4 minutes from this not exact Square tonight. But as 11:48 was the start of their cycle, this near Square is very significant energetically. It is time to see how your subconscious ideas at that time are now manifesting. You have until Feb 25, 2018 to figure out if you heeded your Mercury mind or your Higher Mind of Neptune in creating over this cycle. They will Conjunct at 13:40 Pisces.

If you don’t know how to read your Chart well enough to determine the House placements and the corresponding characters involved, then a Short Reading might help if you feel especially tripped up over this Mercury Rx cycle.

You are also testing your new spiritual philosophy with Mercury in Sagittarius and once Direct, your conscious mind should be more settled into what your new spiritual philosophy IS and be able to express it moving forward.

Always try to heed your Higher Mind Planets over your Mercury Planet so you don’t buy into the deception of Mercury Square Neptune creating a Karmic ripple.

Mercury is a ‘Planet of Extremes’ because he IS the Planet where Duality, aka Karma, begins as his thinking is of 3D ‘good and evil.’ Mercury is the double-minded man unstable in all his ways. Neptune is our ‘godhead’ where we are all connected. Get familiar with how your subconscious mind works so you can play as a Merlin;)

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