Soulful Desires, Winter Solstice & New Goals – Dec 20/21

Last night Saturn ingressed Capricorn. The Sun will soon follow. But Saturn’s entrance the Sign it rules is a big REALITY CHECK. Add the Sun ingresses on the Winter Solstice and we will have a very clarifying few days regarding Saturn’s new energies while Transiting Capricorn.

But on Wednesday Venus will aspect both Chiron and Uranus as Venus has been moving through the degrees of the last year’s Heartbreak Squares between Saturn and Chiron. Venus brings some healing and usually involves some woman or some touch that is helpful in moving out of the pain and into Soul Awareness.

At 2:10pm Venus at 24:26 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 24:26 Pisces.

There may be some legal issues that trip us up for a minute. Or some pain around our desires for resources and what happens. But there is also some healing as well. Venus in Sagittarius merges both Jupiter and her own energies to offer expansive healing if we let it in. Soak it up and see how all of our individual character flaws (known as Chiron in our chart which is a Soul-Level wounding) has given us the bittersweet life that we have. Our Souls know perfection. Our human experience is all about imperfection. Embrace it. Give yourself a hug even if no one else is there to do it.

At 6:13pm Venus at 24:38 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 24:38 Aries.

By evening the Soulful awareness comes in that cauterizes any of the old pain that lingers. We can see how our Souls asked for this experience and move forward into new directions that help us find inventive new solutions up ahead. This aspect can bring some nice CHANGE (Uranus) to our DESIRES (Venus) that shock us out of our old pain and into something NEW.

At 4:27am on Thursday the Sun at 29:42 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 11:42 Pisces.

This is a magical ease between our Sagittarian goals, our new spiritual philosophy, and our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is supporting our new sense of ‘faith’ that is the result of moving through the Heartbreak Squares of the past year. Saturn at 0:08 Capricorn is still in orb of the Quintile to Neptune which means that we are starting to SEE (Sun) very clearly (Quintile) how to implement (Saturn) our new spiritual philosophy (Saturn’s Transit through Sagittarius) without holding anything back (Neptune/Pisces in a magical aspect).

At 11:30am the Sun Ingresses Capricorn bringing us the Winter Solstice.

Capricorn is a Cardinal (initiating energy) Sign and the Sun rules real time bringing us a change in season. For the next 30 days we will be setting new career goals and goals for establishing foundations in the area of life (as shown by House) where we have Capricorn in our Natal Chart.

Saturn will be in Capricorn until Dec 2020 and will be bringing us all through accountability to public structures of authority, and our own use of power, with integrity (Pluto and Saturn in 5D).

At 2:45pm the Sun at 0:09 Capricorn Semi-Squares Jupiter at 15:09 Scorpio.

Within 2 degrees of Conjunct to Saturn, the Sun will receive some clarity around Jupiter’s purpose in Scorpio. But Jupiter is already in very tight orb to a Semi-Square to Saturn that exacts at 9:54am on Friday morning. So the Sun is providing clarity to the Semi-Square between Jupiter and Saturn. It is bound to be about some of the authority figures and these Sex Scandals. But Saturn is moving across the very degrees where Pluto was in late 2008. There is going to be some interesting developments here that show more about the corruption of our existing structures while Saturn holds ALL to account. Jupiter rules legal matters and in the Sign of sex, Scorpio, well its going to be an interesting next few months to see how things begin to get more realistic (Saturn).

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