New Moon in Sag & Saturn in Cap – Dec 18

Monday bring us through the New Moon in Sagittarius, an annual ‘fresh start’ in all things Sagittarius.


At 1:30am on Monday morning the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 26:31 Sagittarius creating the New Moon in Sagittarius.

This is a monthly cycle of new beginnings around our goals and feelings about the area of life where we have 26+ Sagittarius in our charts. This degree is very near the Galactic Center and helping us to usher in a new beginning around the implementation of our spiritual philosophy created by Saturn’s Transit in Sagittarius. This philosophy was revised and reviewed by the ‘Crisis of Faith’ of the Saturn/Chiron Heartbreak Squares. Where we are now is the other side of the heartbreak. But we are still like infants flaying a bit as we test our new philosophy. We can start to get clear on whether we will sink or swim with these new goals and feelings.

At 2:34pm Mercury Rx at 14:35 Sagittarius Semi-Sextile Jupiter at 14:35 Scorpio.

Some productive communication between our spiritual philosophy and our intimacy. Jupiter rules Mercury in Sagittarius so there is some very big philosophical ideas being expressed. Are we in integrity with our intimate dealings? Financial and sexual? We may be intimate with someone older than ourselves and learning much from the exchange. Scorpio’s highest vibration is honesty and Jupiter is holding us all to this standard.

By Monday night we have only one day left of Saturn in Sagittarius.

There will be a significant energy shift for many of us as Saturn ingresses Capricorn at 11:50pm on Tuesday night.

Saturn will Transit through Capricorn, the Sign it rules, for the next 3 years. Saturn leaving Sagittarius will allow our normal optimism to return in the areas of life where we have Sagittarius in our chart. But Saturn in Capricorn is going to bring a big reality check to all of us, but especially in the area of life where we have 0-9+ Capricorn for the next 8 months.

Saturn’s energy, and Capricorn’s too, is Cardinal (or initiating) Earth. It is TIME to put new structures in our lives where we have early Capricorn by House in our charts. It is TIME, as Saturn rules our 3D sense of time, to get to building! But can we build while losing some of the 3D time-based restraints? That is the challenge for us in 5D as we sense the new energy for likely the first time while in awareness.

Aquarians are going to be most challenged as Saturn ingresses their 12th House by Sun Sign… the House of our self-undoing as old structures dissolve. Watch your Aquarian acquaintances as they seek medical attention and accept the diagnosis of cancer, which is ONLY Karmic fear. Saturn in 3D/Karmic response RULES Cancer because Saturn rules Karmic fear. It is NOT real. But they must address their Karmic fear to get over over the diagnosis.

For the rest of us, there is going to be some new area of our lives (by House) or some new energy in an area of our lives (by House) where we will feel some restriction in order to be response-able or responsible to putting in solid work for solid return.

Saturn and Capricorn energy is DILIGENCE. It is where we will find we need to FOCUS energy to create something. It won’t be the easiest way to create, but it is a reliable way. It is important to not fear this energy, that would create Karmic fear. But rather to embrace it in the light that we are building here, rather than dissolving as Neptune is at 11+ Pisces at the moment.

Saturn is still in orb to a Quintile to Neptune for a few more days so see if you can see the 5D path for building up ahead.

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