Soul Awareness & Gratitude – Dec 15/16

At 10:46pm (EST) on Friday the Sun at 24:22 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 24:22 Pisces.

While there may be some ‘ouch’ involved here, there is also clarity. The best response here is GRATITUDE. Gratitude shifts the pain into 5D allowing for the wounding pain to end. The Sun is moving through the degrees of the Heartbreak Squares, as Mercury has now 2 times, and bringing us some clarity into all that has transpired. The Sun is showing us more and more of our new spiritual philosophy that is solving the ‘Crisis of Faith’ the Heartbreak Squares caused.

At 6:28am on Saturday the Sun at 24:42 Sagittarius Trines Uranus Rx at 24:22 Aries.

Now we get the awareness part of any Soulful pain we are feeling. The ease of the Trine can take us from 3D energy into 5D where we can see how all of the painful story has really allowed us to have some deep, human experiences. We are seeing how we can move forward individually with our new spiritual philosophy.

Soak in the depth and breadth of this clarity of Soul Awareness.

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