Sleep Issues, Revelation & STDs – Dec 9/10

NOTE: If you are experiencing real difficulty sleeping over the last week or more, it is likely Saturn sitting near the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is a Black Hole of energy pouring down some new ‘structures’ for our spiritual philosophy. AND Saturn is Quintile to Neptune bringing us new 5D ways to CREATE our physical/spiritual reality. Sit with it as best you can. Saturn will Ingress Capricorn on Dec 19th and begin moving away from the depth and bringing it all DOWN TO EARTH!

At 4:00am (EST) Saturday Mars Ingressed Scorpio.

For the next 6 weeks (until Jan 27) we will be motivated to pursue sharing of ourselves and other peoples’ resources. You may find yourself securing a loan or pressuring someone to financially back your efforts. Or you will aggressively seek sexual intimacy as a way to get to someone’s money;) Or just to merge with them deeply.

At 4:27pm (EST) on Saturday Mars at 0:20 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron at 24:20 Pisces.

Mars’ first aspect in Scorpio is a double-magic one! And to bring some healing to our collective Soulful connection is sooo helpful. Its a fairly fast-moving energy but should certainly help us in some intimate issue, particularly with men or our own aggressive side. Chiron has one more pass to move through the 2nd Heartbreak Square energy and that could still sting a bit. So be sure to use this aspect to heal any areas where intimacy was affected by the Heartbreak of the last year. You likely won’t overthink it. Mars will simply have you ACT in a MAGICALLY way that creates the results.

At 5:58pm the Sun at 18:04 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 18:04 Capricorn.

Not a major aspect, but a productive one. The Sun is helping us set new goals according to the spiritual philosophy Saturn has had us working on over the last 3 years. Saturn rules Capricorn, so he rules Pluto Transiting there. We can see how our shared resources can be used to initiate structures to support our new spiritual philosophy.

At 4:29am on Sunday Mercury Rx at 24:48 Sagittarius Trines Uranus Rx at 24:48 Aries.

Some easy revelatory expressions here. Though there is an inherent revision of some sort from when Mercury first Trined Uranus on Nov 25 at 25:10 Sagittarius/Aries. Uranus is powerful stuff involving change. The Trine allows you to move it from 3D to 5D energies, so magic can be applied. Mercury is the lower mind of 3D reality so when in aspect to a Higher Mind Planet, his lower nature is overridden. As he is in Sagittarius, Mercury is seeing the bigger picture, too. So what flashes of insight and inspiration are available and use them to express your new spiritual philosophy.

At 8:47am Venus at 11:34 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 11:34 Pisces.

Some mistrust can creep in here with this aspect, but try not to let it. Venus in Jupiter’s Sign can be quite healing. But in hard aspect to Neptune, it creates a 3D challenge to you. Don’t buy into the 3D energy and do your best to manage it. 3D IS Separation Consciousness… fear of touch. Venus is love, but in a 3D energy, there is often a mirror of you and someone else stepping into the shoes of where you want to be. Its an illusion of your subconscious mind. We are all connected anyway. Another possibility with the Square between our desires and subconscious fears (3D) is to manifest an STD. It is an ILLUSION too that is SHOWING your fear. Simply acknowledge the fear and release it with your 5D awareness. Fears are figments of the Mercury/3D mind. These get stored in Neptune and are released at times like this. Again, acknowledge the fear and remember the truth of what your Soul and Higher Minds know to be true. Remember the UNSEEN is more REAL than the ‘seen’ in 5D consciousness.

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