Birthing 5D Spiritual Philosophy – Dec 7

At 9:11am (EST) Mars at 28:53 Libra Quintiles the North Node at 16:53 Leo.

This aspect is exacting as I write this post. Mars in Libra is in his least favorite Sign, but he is motivated to relate. A magical aspect to the Nodes of Fate could easily bring some fortunate relate between our inner male/female energies (Mars and Venus in our charts) or between ourselves and others. Play and creativity are effortless. So is romance.

At 3:05pm Mercury Rx at 27:27 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Jupiter at 12:27 Scorpio.

There could be an annoying sense of over-communication, but there is also a good chance that Mercury will express to Jupiter (an intimate/financial partner) some of the new spiritual philosophy he received from Saturn. There may be a revision of some of our earlier negotiations with this same Jupiter person.

But the real energy that is going on right now is Saturn now in orb of a Quintile to Neptune.

At 6:28am on Dec 16th, Saturn at 29:38 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 11:38 Pisces.

Saturn, as I wrote yesterday, is sitting near the Galactic Center bringing in some big picture/global ideas (Sagittarius) of how to create a 5D reality. Saturn and Neptune in 3D are the Karmic Planets.

Saturn rules ‘Cardinal (initiating)Earth’ energy of public authorities and father-like authority. It rules boundaries and borders and all structures. Saturn energy initiates structure of all sorts. It builds the form of our reality.

Neptune rules ‘Mutable (changeable) Water’ energy of our collective subconscious mind. Neptune is dreams and imagination. It is fears and the repository of all human experience EVER. Neptune dissolves things. In Pisces, Neptune is helping us to see how the ‘unseen’ is more powerful than the ‘seen.’

But Neptune is intangible where Saturn is tangible. In 3D this creates quite the dilemma. In a 5D aspect, however, they can create magic! In 5D, Neptune is effortless imagination to manifest our dreams. In 5D, Saturn is deep, intimate love. But how can we MANIFEST such an ideal? That is what we might very well be figuring out right now.

Saturn and Neptune show the timing of the return of our 3D ‘others’ such as Soulmates and the like. In 5D, it is like the story of Cinderella and her handsome Prince.

Saturn and Neptune make only one Quintile to each other, but Saturn is Conjunct the Galactic Center where we can take in the entire consciousness of our very core and Soul. In Sagittarius, we learn to SEE the big picture of the Karmic results of our Dualistic Gemini mind. With this wisdom, we can create a way OUT of the Karmic consequence. With the magic of these 2 Planets and literally IMAGINE and BUILD, we can see how we BUILD our REALITY.

Sit in the depth of the wisdom of this energy as Saturn Quintiles Neptune and IMAGINE you are magical beyond belief! Imagine new structures that CREATE magic and effortless ease in our reality. See if we can give structure to the potential of 5D/Soul Awareness/Merlin Mind in each of us.

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