Chiron Direct & Merc Conj Saturn – Dec 5/6

At 4:47am (EST) on Tuesday Chiron at 24:19 Pisces Stationed Direct.

Now we are on the very energy of the Heartbreak Squares as Chiron moves forward to cross the 2nd Square of Saturn to Chiron (Apr 30) at 27:18 Sagittarius/Pisces respectively. There may be some lingering issues involving the 2nd Square that you will be addressing again to provide integration and resolution of the heartbreak over the last year.

The rest of the day offers some anxious feelings as Mercury Rx applies to Conjunct Saturn on Wednesday morning.

At 7:05am Mercury Rx at 28:24 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 28:24 Sagittarius.

Here we have Mercury’s 2nd Conjunction to Saturn as Saturn is passing through the very final degrees of Sagittarius bringing expression of our new spiritual philosophy, though slightly revised from the 1st Conjunction on Nov 28 at 27:27 Sagittarius. Their 1st Conjunction was very near the degree of the 2nd Heartbreak Transit that necessitated us developing, in earnest, a new philosophy to manage the ‘Crisis of Faith’ the Heartbreak had caused.

Now Saturn is passing the baton of our new philosophy to Mercury so he can express it and share it with the Sun at their Inferior Conjunction. The Sun will help us to set a new purpose in response to the new spiritual philosophy.

Interestingly enough, this 28+ degrees of Sagittarius is where Pluto sat in the month of Sep 2008 when the market cascaded into the collapse. The range of 26 Sagittarius to 2 Capricorn is considered the Galactic Center. 28 degrees was the ‘exact’ until roughly 2012. As Saturn Transits over these degrees, meeting Rx Mercury and soon the Sun and applies to Quintile Neptune on Dec 16th at 29:38 Sagittarius and 11:38 Pisces, the energy feels that we are arriving at a new collective spiritual and Karmic philosophy. The Quintile is 5D. If we have integrated all of the Heartbreak Squares with some 5D/Soul Awareness, it is time for some new boundaries (Saturn) and imagining (Neptune) for our reality moving forward. Please share any awareness you have regarding this in the comments below;)

The next 2 aspects complete a 3-way aspect between Mercury Rx, Mars and Saturn that is in orb all day.

At 10:58am Mercury at 28:18 Sagittarius Sextiles Mars at 28:18 Libra.

A nice productive aspect allowing us to express our new philosphy and relate it to others.

At 4:21pm Mars at 28:26 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 28:26 Sagittarius.

Here Saturn is holding Mars accountable to APPLYING our new spiritual philosophy. Actions speak louder than words and Mars needs to act to express how we are going to BE towards the big picture of our path from the Heartbreak.

The rest of the evening has Mars applying to Quintile the North Node bringing in more Soulful perspective to our new Spiritual and Karmic philosophies and patterns.


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