Full Moon in Gemini & Neptune – Dec 3

At 2:35am (EST) on Sunday Mercury at 29:18 Sagittarius Stations Retrograde.

Mercury is in orb of a Quintile to Neptune at 11:30 Pisces. He won’t exact this magical aspect, but he could be bringing forward some news or thoughts/ideas around what might occur when Saturn Quintiles Neptune at 29:38 Sagittarius on Dec 16. To have this ease between our conscious and subconscious mind is going to help in the Rx flip that Mercury is making. He will begin to retrace his steps back to 13:00 Sagittarius on Dec 23.

At 6:44am the Sun at 11:30 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 11:30 Pisces.

To have the Sun and Mercury both aspecting Neptune at the time of Mercury’s Rx Station is going to be helpful in showing us what is going on with our new spiritual philosophy and what Neptune has been dissolving where we have 11+ Pisces in our charts. The Sun shines the foglights onto Neptune’s shroud of fog giving us some clarity. Though the Square can be hard and less clear than a Trine might be, there is both Jupiter/Sagittarius and Neptune energies involved giving us some great perspective. And the last aspect on Saturday was the Trine between Jupiter and Neptune so there is some serious Higher Mind energies keeping us from following into the trap of Mercury’s trickery as he Retrogrades.

At 10:47am the Moon at 11:40 Gemini Opposes the Sun at 11:40 Sagittarius.

This is a Full Moon falling across the axis of intellect, local vs global, elementary vs college, youth vs seniors, etc. You are going to see how you feel about something occurring across this axis.

At 9:01am the Sun at 11:36 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 11:36 Scorpio.

Still in tight orb to a Square with Neptune, the Sun can now shed some further light onto the Trine between Jupiter and Neptune showing us more about hidden areas that have been guiding us that may even run counter to what we see with our conscious mind’s eyes.

At 11:11am Venus at 2:53 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 17:53 Capricorn.

A bit of irritation between the way we want to use our own resources for a more global good and those who we share resources with. Or an irritation between our values and spiritual philosophy and some authority’s plans.

At 2:23pm Mars at 26:30 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune at 11:30 Pisces.

Sitting on this same degree and minute, Neptune has been aspected by Jupiter in a Trine, the Sun in a Square, Mercury in a Quintile and now Mars in a Ses-Square. There is a LOT of insight into what Neptune is doing at 11:30 Pisces in our lives. Which House is Neptune affecting in your chart? Mars’ motivation to relate is going to need to be adjusted to Neptune’s nudges in order to create an ease. Do you need to release some subconscious barrier to relating to someone? That is what is called for here.

Neptune is back in the degree range where he was Squaring Saturn in 2015/6. Is there anything that harkens back to that time that is playing out for you right now?

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