Magical, Unexpected Desires – Dec 1

At 3:35am (EST) on Friday Venus ingressed Sagittarius bringing us desires for vacation, long distance travel, being around seniors and expanding our available resources.

At 6:54pm the Sun at 9:59 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 24:59 Aries.

Our plans for a vacay or travel is going to need to be adjusted to our personal drive for freedom. But the adjustment will create an ease. Clarifying revelation and illumination are on tap.

At 10:59pm Venus at 0:59 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 24:59 Aries.

Venus is making magic to Uranus while the Sun is making an adjustment to our goals. Here we have unexpected, but magical, attraction. Or unusual attraction that is effortless. Or someone may extend some of their resources to help you find your personal path to freedom. Or you could unexpectedly help someone in your social network with some of your resources. Your desires on Friday night could magically surprise you and others!

At 6:22pm on Saturday night the Sun at 10:59 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Mars at 25:29 Libra.

There is a bit of irritation between our plans to travel or seek higher consciousness and our motivation to relate. Mars is already stifled in Libra so the Semi-Square could erk his a bit.

At 9:19pm Jupiter at 11:30 Scorpio Trines Neptune at 11:30 Pisces.

If you have been lost in some fantasy world involving intimacy, this may be the energy you’ve been feeling. Or if you find yourself slowing down on excessive drinking or not avoiding things so much, this may also be the energy you’ve been feeling. It can be deep and unfathomable, but there is an ease that can keep you grounded despite the depth of the fog.

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