Heartbreak & Faith Expressed – Nov 28

There is one aspect on Tuesday that will express some of our new spiritual philosophy.

At 1:58am (EST) Mercury at 27:27 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 27:27 Sagittarius.

Saturn has not quite cleared the point of his Retrograde Station which occurred at 27:48 Sagittarius on April 5th. Saturn Squared Chiron for the 2nd Heartbreak Transit at 27:18 on Apr 30th. It is likely that on Monday night and Tuesday morning you will hear from someone or communicate to someone some of the pain of the 2nd Square and yet some of your new spiritual philosophy as well.

Saturn is set to ingress Capricorn on Dec 20th leaving behind Sagittarius for another 27 years. The past 2.5 years or so we have been developing a new philosophy around faith, optimism, global ideas and spiritual ideas. This new philosophy will be built upon as Saturn continues through the other Signs. With his Transit through Sagittarius, Saturn brought us through Karmic Squares with Neptune (2015-2016) and the Heartbreak Squares with Chiron (Dec 2016 – Nov 2017). We are not completely clear of the energy of the Heartbreak Squares until Chiron Stations Direct and clears through 27:18 Pisces again. But Saturn will wave good-bye to Sagittarius on Dec 20th and begin initiating structures around our new governmental and public authority areas. It is time to implement our spiritual philosophy in concrete terms of service through father-like authority.

Mercury is about to reach his Retrograde Station as he Conjuncts Saturn on today and again on Dec 6 at 28:18 Sagittarius in Retrograde. What gets expressed today is likely up for review on Dec 6th. Saturn will be clear of the Heartbreak Square energy and we will be more fully aware of our new spiritual philosophy.

Pay attention to what gets said at these final degrees of Sagittarius as it will be a culmination of the Saturn lessons of his Transit in Sagittarius.

Just prior to ingressing Capricorn, Saturn will Quintile Neptune at 29:38 Sagittarius and 11:38 Pisces (Neptune) on Dec 16th. A Quintile is a 5D/magical aspect. It will be a wonderful, effortless moment in time when we can look back at what we have been through and find a new faith to keep us moving ahead. Not only that, but we have all have a 5D Soulmate Return!

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