Easy Soul Awareness – Nov 25/26

Early Saturday morning we had some revelations for change. Late Sunday afternoon we have some Soulful healing desires. Monday morning brings us some adjusted changed desires.

At 5:56am (EST) on Saturday Mercury at 25:10 Sagittarius Trine Uranus Rx at 25:10 Aries.

Some very easy new ideas could have come up for you at this time. You either thought them or spoke them. When we get used to following these aspects, we know when to trust our Higher Minds rather than our Mercury mind. Mercury in aspect to Uranus is an override of our conscious mind by Soul revelations. This aspect could have something to do with legal issues, long distance travel, foreigners/seniors, college students, etc. In aspect to your personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries).

At 4:22pm on Sunday Venus at 24:21 Scorpio Trines Chiron Rx at 24:21 Pisces.

Chiron has been hovering at 24+ degrees since the final exact Heartbreak Square with Saturn on Nov 2nd. Chiron will Station Direct on Dec 5th, but remain at 24+ degrees for about 5 weeks after that. If you have Chiron aspecting any Planets or Points in your Chart at that degree, try to hone in on what the message from your Soul is trying to tell you. Venus is a Healing Planet and there is need for healing from the Heartbreak Squares of last year. As Chiron sits on the same degree to turn Direct, we are really trying to integrate the Heartbreak into our new path moving forward. We will take all the healing we can get. Reach out and touch, merge with someone today as the energy is a Transitional Trine you can ride from 3D energy into 5D energy.

At 8:48am on Monday Venus at 25:07 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 25:07 Aries.

Now we will have the revelation side of ‘Soul Awareness’ as Venus aspects both Chiron and Uranus together. Our intimacy desires may be changing and WILL BE adjusted to incorporate the Soul Awareness we are receiving. Will we change our own drive for freedom to merge more with someone? Or will we change our intimate desires to more true to our individual path? Venus in Scorpio is Opposite of the Sign she rules. She can achieve less possessiveness in this Sign and may find that allowing more personal freedom expands her intimacy at the same time;)


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