Passionate Action – Nov 19

Early Sunday morning (EST) we have some magical energy for seeking passionate relating. But there may also be a bit heavy-handedness or aggressive intimacy.

At 5:55am Mars at 17:28 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 11:28 Pisces.

Ahh… the magical ease of relating this can bring! Mars is in the Sign that Venus rules and that is not always a comfortable place for him. He tends to act before he thinks and refined Libran energy doesn’t like that so much. But now initiating conversation of a passionate nature will be effortless and well-received.

At 7:15am Mars at 17:30 Libra Squares Pluto at 17:30 Capricorn.

Now this energy can take things into a rougher realm for sure. But Libra tends to like to keep things balanced and Mars is held in check by this energy hopefully keeping the intense aggression from occurring. The fact that Mars is still in such tight orb to Neptune will allow us to use our subconscious awareness to turn this aspect into some easy? That’s how it can be. So make this some great intimate relating;)


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