New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 17&18

On Friday morning we will adjust our intimate goals to align with our personal path to freedom and we will express our motivations to relate. By evening we will be in the Dark of the Moon as the New Moon at 26:19 Scorpio is applying.

At 9:04am (EST) the Sun at 25:25 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Rx at 25:25 Aries.

Over the last 3+ weeks we have been clarifying our intimacy and shared resources goals. With the revelation from Uranus about our personal need for freedom, we need to adjust our goals to better align with this awareness. It may surprise us what we end up adjusting. It will certainly require honesty in order for both directions to be harmonious. Uranus is detached emotion while Scorpio energy is Fixed Water, or fixed emotions. Its energies that mix well most of the time. But the illumination from Uranus will allow us to see new ways to approach our intimacy and sharing.

At 9:24am Mercury at 16:18 Sagittarius Sextiles Mars at 16:18 Libra.

Mercury in Sagittarius can be a lot of words, even too many at times. But the productive Sextile will allow us to express our motivation to relate. Mars can be men or male-like energy. Mercury in Sagittarius can be foreigners, seniors, college students, pastors, philosophers and mentors of all types. Who are you motivated to talk to today?

Keep in mind that Mercury entered Phase 1, the Shadow phase, of his impending Retrograde Cycle on Tuesday night. What gets expressed now is up for review around December 16 and won’t be finalized until December 30.

At 6:42am on Saturday the Moon at 26:19 Scorpio Conjuncts the Sun at 26:19 Scorpio creating the New Moon in Scorpio.

The usual order of New and Full Moons is reversed when we have the New Moon in the Sign following the Full Moon in the same Sign. At the Full Moon on Nov 4 there was the culmination of some sort of intimate feelings or situation. At the New Moon now we have a new beginning in the same situation or a new situation. The Sun and Moon will be fresh from an adjustment to Uranus prior to becoming New and this revelation that sparks an adjustment will impact our intimate goals for the next annual cycle.

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