Merging and Magical, Intimate Touch – Nov 7

Snapshot: Tuesday morning we may express some suspicion around an intimate partner’s behavior. Upon waking (EST) your desires will have shifted to intimacy rather than relating. Evening brings some sexual healing.

At 3:27am (EST) Mercury at 2:15 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 17:15 Capricorn.

A bit of irritation between your expression of your new philosophy and someone else’s use of power. There can be some suspicion involved but remember your ‘other’ is you, too.38

At 6:45am Venus Ingresses Scorpio.

Now our own resources (Venus) will be merged with our intimate/financial partners. We will be desiring more than just touch. We will want to MERGE with an other or ‘others’ in deeply intimate ways. We will blend our resources with theirs. We will want them to be open and transparent as we seek this union.

At 7:15pm Venus at 0:39 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 24:39 Pisces.

If you have been struggling with an intimate partner during the Heartbreak Transit, you will now have some healing to bring to the equation. You will want to reach out and touch where it might have been too painful just a short time ago. This is a nice aspect to have at this time as we wrap up the pieces of ourselves that are left after the heartbreak of the last year. Merging will be effortless so go for the gold.

On Saturday Saturn at 25:38 Sagittarius will Trine Uranus Rx at 25:38 Aries.

While it won’t exact for a few days, this aspect is applying and bringing change (Uranus) to the status quo (Saturn) of our personal (Aries) spiritual philosophy (Sagittarius). There should be an ease between the revelation and the accountability you have in pursuing the change.


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