Magical Revelation – Nov 6

Snapshot: Monday night we will have some very expansive, magical revelation that we can express.

NOTE: Welcome to all the new ‘Followers’ of this site who attended last night’s Seminar. You will no doubt be getting further insight into things we discussed via Monday night’s magical aspect.

At 2:20pm on Sunday Mercury Ingressed Sagittarius.

Now our planning, thinking mind is going to be focused on our new spiritual philosophy and the ‘big picture’ rather than intimacy and sharing of resources. Sagittarius is expansive so we may want to talk too much. Mercury will Retrograde in his Sign between now and the ‘Holidays.’ He will Station Rx on Dec 3rd at the final degree of Sagittarius and Station Direct at 13:00 degrees Sagittarius on Dec 23. He is not in his Shadow Phase yet so we are not in revision-mode yet.

At 8:01pm Mercury at 1:48 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 25:48 Aries.

This is magical revelation being expressed in expansive, optimistic ways that involves everyone in the goodwill and the change that we will want to make. Uranus brings change as a natural by-product of his revelations. We will be expressing things quite unexpectedly but the magic will let it just roll off our tongues without any effort.

Watch for this aspect and see what changes you will suddenly hear yourself expressing and acting on as Uranus is in Aries which initiates action.


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