All About the Nodes – Oct 31-Nov 1

Snapshot: On Tuesday and Wednesday 3 Personal Planets aspect the Nodes of Fate allowing us to see the Soulful lessons of the North Node in Leo.

At 2:49pm on Monday Mercury at 21:05 Scorpio Squared the North Node at 21:05 Leo.

Mercury was Square both the North and South Nodes, or Nodes of Fate. The Squares were bringing up some Soulful lesson here and we were able to verbalize it or consciously see what this aspect was about. Mercury in Scorpio is ideas around intimacy and sharing of resources or use of other peoples’ resources. Likely you heard words or spoke them expressing some of this Soulful ‘test’. The test will be how to balance use of others’ money with your own sense of fun (NN in Leo) and moving away from ‘saving the world’ (SN in Aquarius). Honesty and transparency are Soulfully pertinent here.

At 3:55am on Tuesday Venus at 21:03 Libra Sextiled the North Node at 21:03 Leo.

Our desires to relate worked productively with our sense of fun and romance, but created an ease within our social network as Venus was Trine the South Node in Aquarius. Or using our own resources (Venus) for fun (NN in Leo) helped us with group efforts at the same time.

At 1:41am on Wednesday Mars at 5:59 Libra Semi-Squares the North Node at 20:59 Leo.

This is an irritation aspect between our motivations to relate and our fun and romance. But Mars is also Ses-Square the South Node at the same time so with a bit of adjustment here his actions will create an ease with groups of people or your social network.

All of these 3 aspects are very different, but will show us various aspects of the North Node’s purpose in Leo. Mars (men/initiating) and Venus (women/loving) are both in Libra right now so men and women are working at relating. But Mercury is in Scorpio and our planning mind is focused on the sexual, merging side of things. We are always working on various personal energies in a myriad of ways! But working to discern these things will allow you to stay more easily in 5D.


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