Heartbreak & Soulful Merging – Oct 28-30

Snapshot: Just after midnight (EDT) on Sunday we have some optimistic motivation to relate to an intimate partner, senior or friend. Early Sunday we will express the intimate side of the equation and then get a Soulful check on it.

NOTE: Right now many of us may be feeling the building of painful intensity of the 3rd pass of the Heartbreak Transit (Saturn Squares to Chiron) which will exact on Nov 2. The first 2 Squares were exact on Dec 28, 2016 and Apr 30, 2017 though we could feel it strongly for a month either side of exact dates. This applying 3rd Square is coloring all of the other energies right now as we grapple with this wounding pain. Detached emotion IS compassion and IS the answer to 3D reality and moving into 5D. Your Soul understands what is going on, so go into that perspective. There is a silver lining at the end of this Transit so see how to be grateful for what has occurred over the last year. Its mostly behind you and has altered your course in some way… benefits are yet to be revealed.

At 12:16pm (EDT) on Sunday Mars at 4:03 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 4:03 Scorpio.

A minor aspect you may or may not even notice, but Mars is moving through energy of relating that Jupiter brought us a now philosophy around over the last year. How is Jupiter, now in Scorpio’s depth, helping you to remember how best to relate? It will appear through your actions.

At 11:04am Mercury at 19:20 Scorpio Semi-Squares Mars at 4:20 Libra.

Mercury is going to express anything Mars’ actions got wrong around the new philosophy of relating.

At 2:49pm on Monday Mercury at 21:05 Scorpio Squares the North Node at 21:05 Leo.

Now Mercury himself will need to answer to the Soulful perspective of the Nodes of Fate. Is he remembering to be playful and romantic as he is merging with others? Is he being transparent in all of his plans and dealings? This is a Soulful nudge to do so with honesty and integrity around all sexual relations and money sharing.


3 thoughts on “Heartbreak & Soulful Merging – Oct 28-30

  1. Thank you, for your work, it is much appreciated.Is this the last pass of the heartbreak transit? It has been so brutal, yet eye-opening. When will it be time to move on?

    1. Diana,
      Nov 2 the 3rd and final Square exacts and then will separate. By Dec 19th, Saturn will make a magical/5D aspect to Neptune bringing in some effortless energies to resolve karma with those who may have played a role in your pain or to meet other Soulmates as we move out of the wounding energies:) But you can be out of the pain anytime you step into Soul Awareness, 5D energy. As in 5D there is no reason to feel pain. The pain was there in 3D and 4D to return you to 5D. Embrace the pain and it will be transformed into gratitude.

      1. Thank you, for answering my question. I will look into and try to embrace 5d in more detail.

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