Dominate Tricks – Oct 27

Snapshot: Friday night has a 3-way power-play aspect. After midnight, you may succumb to the control of another.

At 11:21pm (EDT) on Friday Venus at 17:04 Libra Squares Pluto at 17:04 Capricorn.

Here we have a challenge between desires and control of them. Who is keeping controlling in this situation? Can you trust (Venus) your intimate partner/financial backer (Pluto) to have full control (Capricorn) over you? Will you be transparent (Pluto) or diplomatic (Venus/Libra) about your desires (Venus)? In a few minutes, one of you will express your intimate ideas.

At 11:25 Mercury at 17:04 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 17:04 Capricorn.

Pluto rules Mercury in Scorpio and this Sextile will help the authority-type in this 3-way to express himself productively and transparently about his intimate ideas and plans. The expression here will ease the challenge of the Square above.

At 11:42pm Mercury at 17:05 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Venus at 17:05 Libra.

Here you may find yourself expressing right back to him how your desires DO match his need for control as you offer trust and yourself/your resources up in the situation.

At 3:29am the Sun at 5:04 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 17:04 Capricorn.

Here we have some magical clarity around our intimacy and our own ability to merge with another with effort or strain. It is a magical feeling that will result from the earlier 3-way aspect. Communication is key here as well as transparency of your emotions. But use the energy to merge and see how good it feels. Trust, love, transparency, honesty creates a magical brew.


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