Soulful, Magical Intimacy & Luck – Oct 25/26

Snapshot: Starting Tuesday evening through Thursday we will have some very fortunate, magical and Soulful energy.

At 2:50am (EDT) on Wednesday Jupiter at 3:12 Scorpio Quintiles the North Node at 21:12 Leo.

Here our new expansive energies for sexual and financial merging get a magically Soulful nudge from the North Node in Leo. Sprinkle your new intimate philosophy with some magical creative romantic flare and you could have a rocking and rolling night;) Or you may just simply see that it is easy to merge with someone that you might have had some resistance to lately.

At 4:48am on Thursday the Sun at 3:08 Scorpio Quintiles the North Node at 21:08 Leo.

Now we have some clarity on how to merge more effortlessly. We can see how we are creating a new approach to Scorpio areas of our lives. And make it work easily from the Soul’s perspective. Play and merging with total transparency is the name of this game. Or perhaps someone is going to finance your creative projects and take your ideas into new markets. Or children magically create the deep connection you are longing for at this time.

At 1:09pm the Sun at 3:31 Scorpio Conjuncts Jupiter at 3:31 Scorpio.

Considered to be the ‘most fortunate day’ of the year, this is a very early meeting of the Sun to Jupiter as he is newly Transiting the Sign. We are getting clear about what the next 13 months will be about and we can set new goals along these lines. Scorpion is definitely NOT Libran energy. It is not about diplomacy and reciprocity, but rather about getting to the very heart of merging with another on 2 levels that challenge us the most: money/resources/assets and sex. Jupiter takes the high road. He resolves Karma by helping us see HOW we created it. In Scorpio he is going to allow you to merge with others very honestly and for the highest good. Scorpio is not possessive, but digs deep into the Soulfulness of sex and sharing. Now you have a philosophical viewpoint allowing you to be consciously successful at merging for the greatest benefit;)


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