New Moon Follow-Up – Oct 19

Snapshot: Busy afternoon following the New Moon.

At 3:12pm the Moon at 26:35 Libra Conjuncts the Sun creating the New Moon.

Both the Sun and Moon have just gone through a ‘Soul Awareness’ aspects. We are either hurting or have gained perspective of our Souls. The New Moon shows us something about our relating-ships and self.

At 5:05pm Mercury at 4:08 Scorpio Quintiles the North Node at 22:08 Leo.

Here we will express some more Soulful perspectives around romance and intimacy. Or creative ventures and a financial backer.

At 7:36pm the Sun at 26:46 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 11:46 Pisces.

Here the Sun (and Moon hours earlier) meets with another Higher Mind Planets… the all-knowing mind of Neptune. There will be an adjustment that allows an ease in our relating and the goals we set at the New Moon.

At 10:56pm Venus at 7:05 Libra Semi-Squares the North Node at 22:05 Leo.

Just 3 minutes from the meeting with the North Node and Mercury, the message is likely similar. Here our desires for relating get a Soulful look from a romantic viewpoint.

At 5:46am on Friday Mercury at 4:58 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 16:58 Capricorn.

Here we have some effortless/magical intimate expression. Someone who you share resources or intimacy with is being very open and receptive to your ideas. There is likely to be an invitation here to merge effortlessly… your money or yourself;)

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