Magical, Healing Intimacy – Oct 16-18

Snapshot: Starting all day on Monday we will have a sense of intimate ways to heal some of our subconscious wounding. Tuesday morning our actions to serve will need to adjust to some change or awareness. Tuesday evening we will express the healing magic of Monday.

At 4:53pm (EDT) on Monday Jupiter at 1:22 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 25:22 Pisces.

Jupiter is a Healing Planet and with this double-magic aspect he can offer some ‘sexual’ healing and intimate healing. If you share resources with someone, there can be some higher consciousness around legal issues you have with them. Maybe you can find a way to see how it all just needs some perspective to more easily manage. This is Part 1 of a 3-way rolling aspect through Wednesday.

At 4:00am on Tuesday Mercury Ingresses Scorpio.

Now our words go from being diplomatic to probing. From being refined to provocative. We will not be content with the exchange of ideas, but will want to dig deep into the ways we merge with others… financially and physically.

At 6:02am Mars at 26:37 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Rx at 26:37 Aries.

Fresh from his Opposition with Chiron, Mars is now getting the other side of ‘Soul Awareness’ as it relates to our motivations to serve. Whatever he sensed around his motivations on Sunday morning at set to be adjusted and changed by Tuesday morning.

At 11:22pm Mercury at 1:19 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 25:19 Pisces.

Part 2 of the 3-way aspect brings us magical expression of the higher consciousness we had on Monday afternoon. Here we can express how we want to merge with someone else and do it from our Higher Mind of Jupiter rather than Mercury alone. This aspect will continue…

At 4:54am on Wednesday Mercury at 1:42 Scorpio Conjuncts Jupiter at 1:42 Scorpio.

Part 3 of the 3-way aspect has our philosophical ideas around merging with others being easy to express. There could be plenty of talking go on through the night and it might very well be ‘pillow talk’ or loads of texts. But we will find ourselves having a new zest for connecting in deep ways as Scorpio energy allows. There is a fortunate air/fire to all of the exchange, but it will be felt emotionally in deeper ways.

If last week you were beating your head against the wall trying to reach out to authority-types as Mercury and the Sun Squared Pluto, this week is going to be vastly different in nature. Use it to your advantage. On Friday, Mercury will Quintile Pluto and the results should be effortless.

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