Mars Opposite Chiron – Oct 15

Snapshot: Depending on the hemisphere you are in, Sunday could be a sleepless night or a busy day. The 4 Personal Planets meet Higher Minds and Soulful Planets/points.

At 1:44am (EDT) Venus at 1:01 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 1:01 Scorpio.

Venus ingressed Libra early Saturday and is now home in a Sign she rules. She desires diplomacy and reciprocity. Jupiter has barely left Libra after a 13-month stay and is now seeking to deep our relating-ships through intimacy and the sharing of resources. Venus has her resources at the moment and will use hers as you use yours… balanced, right? But Jupiter here is going to show her ways that sharing of resources may NOT be balanced on the Balance Sheet, but in the bedroom;)

At 3:51am Mercury at 26:42 Libra Opposes Uranus Rx at 26:42 Aries.

Here we will have some unexpected expressions that may be calling for some CHANGE in our relating-ships. Or we could suddenly speak about BEING in a relating-ship. Or we might surprise our partner with some need for our own freedom, etc. Whatever it is, there is something sudden that shows us where to change things up a bit.

At 6:05am Mercury at 26:51 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 11:51 Pisces.

This is really a 3-way aspect with Mercury, Uranus and Neptune as Uranus and Neptune are separating from their Semi-Square that exacted last week. If you felt the irritation, but didn’t understand it all, Mercury is likely to blurt it out from the depth of our collective unconscious making it obvious. Do you still have a fear around a ‘relationship’ or do you see that you have some divergent paths to take?

At 8:28am Mars at 25:25 Virgo Opposes Chiron Rx at 25:25 Pisces.

This is the rough one as Mars is not only Opposing Chiron, but still in orb to a Square with Saturn, creating a T-Square that has been rolling all week and building up to this Opposition. Ouch. Anger, maybe. A man may do something that seems to wound you. Or you may act in a way that wounds another. Either way, there will be some action that reveals another aspect of the Heartbreak Transit. It should be fast-moving, but it is likely to get your attention. Mars is the last Planet (except the Moon) to move through this T-Square. We have seen most everything that we need to now to understand how that Transit affected us and our daily routine and service to others. And we may realize how our actions need to better align with our new spiritual philosophy.

At 2:31pm the Sun at 22:17 Libra Sextiles the North Node at 22:36 Leo.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way aspect of the Sun to the NN and Saturn. The NN and Saturn are applying to Trine each other over the next week. But the Sun is meeting them both in a Sextile offering us clarity around how our new spiritual philosophy aligns with our Soulful sense of fun, romance, entertainment and children. The Sun is pulling this Trine down into the realm of our relating-ships, too, helping us to see how to balance this philosophy with other aspects of our lives. The way we relate is being seen Karmically and Soulfully today.

At 7:13am on Monday the Sun  at 23:17 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 23:17 Sagittarius.

Its a productive aspect and one that helps us see how to better manage any pain coming from the final Heartbreak Square on Nov 2.

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