When Our Actions Speak – Oct 13/14

Snapshot: Friday evening (EDT) we have some helpful, motivated communication. Saturday morning we need to adjust our words to the wounding pain of the Heartbreak and ‘Crisis of Faith.

At 7:07pm on Friday Mercury at 24:26 Libra Sextiles Mars at 24:26 Virgo.

Mercury is leading the Personal Planets through the Signs right now. He was last at 24:26 Virgo, where Mars is, on Sep 16th. What was spoken or thought about then is being acted on now. And Mercury in Libra is relating it to your close friends. Either they are telling you or you are telling them what your motivations are. In Virgo, Mars is serving, without forethought. He is DOING. What are YOU doing Friday night? You will be expressing it as well. What do your actions speak for you?

At 9:48am on Saturday Mercury at 25:27 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx at 25:27 Pisces.

On Sep 23rd, Jupiter Quincunx Chiron Rx at 26:22 degrees. Now as Mercury makes the same aspect, we will be expressing our relating-ship philosophy and making an adjustment to our ‘Crisis of Faith’ over the last year. Mercury in Libra is diplomatic and balanced so we will be considering other’s ideas as well. The ‘Heartbreak Squares’ of Saturn to Chiron challenged our existentially. Many had thoughts of ‘suicide’ and returning to our Souls because things seemed hopeless and empty. Mercury will express some of the pain to a partner allowing us to see that we are moving into a new way of ‘believing’ in the Universe and coming to understand some Soul Awareness.

Sunday has 5 aspects, all of them from Personal Planets to Higher Mind and Soulful Planets and Points. We will be expressing, acting and getting clear about many things.

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