Mars in the Heartbreak T-Square – Oct 11

Snapshot: Our desires were recently put through the wringer of creating very rough energy with the Heartbreak Transit. Now our motivations move through the same aspects. But Wednesday evening offers some adjustment and changes to our desires.

At 9:37am on Wednesday Mars at 22:55 Virgo Squares Saturn at 22:55 Sagittarius.

This is our ‘go’ and ‘stop’ energies in a Karmic grip. Whatever we DO seems to hit a roadblock. But there is a way around it if we remember the new spiritual philosophy that we have been creating over the last year. Stay true to course and maneuver through any pain without fighting with any of it. This is Mars in a rolling T-Square with Saturn and Chiron, the players of the Heartbreak Transits of the last year.

At 5:04pm Venus at 26:51 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Rx at 26:51 Aries.

Venus has just cleared the T-Square with Saturn and Uranus and she is getting some revelation around how to adjust and change her desires for moving forward. This is the Soul Awareness that allows us to see that it is all just a part of our experience. Best not to get wound up too tight with fighting, but to simply serve others while we manage the healing process needed from the Heartbreak.

On Sunday morning Mars will complete the T-Square as he Opposes Chiron. That is the pain side of the T-Square energy. Your motivations, or a man, may bring up the old pain from this last year. We are nearing the end of all of it on Nov 2. Hang in there… there IS a silver lining waiting to be revealed.


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