Jupiter Into Scorpio & Magical Clarity – Oct 10

Snapshot: By 10:00am (EDT) on Tuesday our optimism will move to intimacy rather than relating-ships. Early evening brings some healing and irritation. But the evening brings magical subconscious clarity around relating to others.

At 10:00am (EDT) Jupiter ingresses Scorpio for a 13-month stay.

Now we will begin expanding our shared resources and intimacy and developing a new philosophy around transformation through sharing. Scorpios will enjoy new personal expansion. Librans will enjoy expanded resources. Virgo will enjoy more intimate communication. Leos will enjoy sharing resources with family members. Cancers will enjoy more fun through sexual exploration. Geminis will try to bring intimacy to work with them. Tauruses will make out with their partners more. Aries will pursue more sex and other people’s money. Pisces will get philosophical about intimacy. Aquarians will be known for their sexual exploits. Capricorns will be socializing in strip clubs. Sagittarians will be dreaming of sex all day long!

At 5:03pm Venus at 25:36 Virgo Opposes Chiron Rx at 25:36 Pisces.

We will have the healing touch around some of the pain we have all been through. You may actually offer some support to someone else who needs it or they may offer it to you. This is Part 2 of Venus moving through a T-Square with Saturn and Chiron. This is the healing part so make use of it.

At 9:49pm Mars at 22:36 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 22:36 Leo.

There is some irritation around our actions to serve others and our Soulful need to just have more fun.

At 9:54pm the Sun at 17:57 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 11:57 Pisces.

Mercury was just in this aspect Monday night and now we have the clarity to see the ideas that Mercury had in this magical aspect. How can we better relate through use of our subconscious? Is it helpful to know we are all connected anyway so what’s the big deal?


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