Soulful Leo Fun, Romance & Creativity – Oct 8

Snapshot: Very early Sunday we begin to move through 6 aspects taking us from magical use of authority, personal revelation to accountable desires and ease of our new spiritual philosophy to Soulful romance and entertainment. But in between we have the clearest thoughts and expressions around our relating-ships.

At 1:26am Pluto at 16:53 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node a 22:53 Leo.

The North Node is sitting on the degree of the Lunar Eclipse of Feb 10 this year. There may be some continuation of a story that reached an emotional peak at that Eclipse. But the magic is here from financial backers or authority types to help you with your new creative/entertainment ventures. Or it could be a father-type backing your romantic notions. Or you could find it more Soulful to merge sexually with someone who you desire to fix your emotions upon. Or it could simply mean magical cooperation with some authority type or intimate partner that you have fun with.

At 7:59am Mars at 20:59 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 26:59 Aries.

Here our actions are magically inspired. If you find yourself serving someone unexpectedly, that would be the magic of this and your actions will be graciously received. Or if you have been thinking about leaving a job, you might suddenly do so, leaving ‘work’ to seek some new lifestyle change. This aspect will give you the motivation you need. And it will be well received by others even if shocking.

At 8:54am Venus at 22:43 Virgo Squares Saturn at 22:43 Sagittarius.

Not the most comfortable aspect! If you have been serving someone out of some sense of obligation, this aspect could show you have you are defeating your new spiritual philosophy. But it could just as easily see your wages from work curtailed for some legal reason that company is cutting back or found their policies were wrong and need correcting. Most likely, however, you simply feel the need to minimize some of your desires in order to better align with your new spiritual philosophy. Do you really need that extra fitness class or beauty treatment when someone else in your life could use your resources better?

At 11:06am Venus at 22:49 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 22:49 Leo.

Now we have the financial backing for some fun coming from someone else’s pocket so we made the right choice in curtailing our own spending;)

At 4:54pm the Sun at 15:45 Libra Conjuncts Mercury at 15:45 Libra.

This is the Superior Conjunction of the conscious mind (Mercury) to our goals and reality (Sun). This is the mid-point of our cycle of ideas and goals that were seeded at the Inferior Conjunction. The Sun and Mercury Rx had their Inferior Conjunction on Aug 26th at 3:47 Virgo. Whatever ideas and expressions you heard or spoke on that day are now getting a reality-check as the Sun and Mercury meet again. This aspect occurs in Libra so we are looking at our daily work/health/fitness and service goals and how they are fitting in with our relating-ships goals now. Are we managing to balance our own daily schedule with our closest relating-ship needs? That is the question we are expressing and deciding on today. With Mercury catching up to the Sun we have roughly 1 of 6 days all year where our thoughts and real-time are in sync. Pay close attention, but keep your Higher Mind awareness on point as well.

At 12:55am on Monday Saturn at 22:45 Sagittarius Trines the North Node at 22:45 Leo.

Now we have the ease between our spiritual philosophy and our Soulful romance, creativity, fun and children. Saturn is the father and this makes ease with activities involving children. But Sagittarius is the Philosopher and now we have a new philosophy involving father-like authority and spiritual philosophy. It is a softer side of Saturn here who is the ‘Provider’ but also the ‘Shepherd’ of his flock of those he loves or creates with. We each have our own sense of authority (Saturn) in our charts. Where do you initiate structures for yourself and/or others? This Trine helps us align our new philosophy with the Soulful way of playing in Leo. Casual sex is NOT the right answer. But recognizing the Soul in each other makes it fun AND magical when you touch another Soul through your art, your romance and your fun.


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