Magical, Unexpected Desires & Revelations – Oct 6/7

Snapshot: Early afternoon (EDT) on Friday we adjust our relating-ships words based on some subconscious feeling. Just after midnight our desires can magically surprise us.

At 1:44pm Mercury at 12:02 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 12:02 Pisces.

This is some subconscious nudge that causes us to adjust the way we are relating. We may adjust our words or the way we are speaking. Maybe you will slow down your words or you will sense they are coming from a deeper place than you expected. This is the degree (12+ Libra) where the Sun was for the Full Moon and separating from the same aspect to Neptune. It may be the first time you speak what your intuition and feelings showed you via the Sun Opposite Moon and Quincunx Neptune. How to you now feel about a relating-ship you are in or considering?

At 12:17am (EDT) on Saturday Venus at 21:02 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 27:02 Aries.

Here we can have some unexpected, shocking or bizarre desires or attractions. Or changed desires and attractions. Male and female energies are combined here along with initiating passion (Aries) with a heart for service to others. The House where you have both Planets Transiting in your Natal chart will determine WHO you might have unexpected attraction to. Or if you have a 5D relating-ship in your life, this is a chance to be together tonight… effortlessly. Enjoy the magic, enjoy the passion and you can’t go wrong. It could also involve philanthropy or use of your own resources to serve others. Groups (Uranus) initiating action (Aries) to serve patients, military, volunteers etc. This aspect can reveal itself in many ways and it is sure to pleasantly surprise you.

At 3:14am Uranus Rx at 27:01 Aries Semi-Squares Neptune at 12:01 Pisces.

This aspect could easily have played a part in Mercury’s adjustment aspect to Neptune on Friday and now the energy is coming to a head with some unexpected subconscious feelings to act out or to take action. There can be a bit of precognition at play here if you are playing or something that will wake you up as the revelation can be deep and disturbing or annoying. Any unexpected feelings could relate to someone other than yourself as it is coming from the collective unconscious mind, Neptune. There will be a need for freedom from whatever subconscious fear may surface.

The rest of Saturday you may have revelations coming through so pay attention to what they are showing you. Early Sunday we have 2 magical aspects: Pluto Biquintiles the North Node and Mars Biquintiles Uranus. We may feel both of these aspect all day on Saturday. But Sunday also has 4 more aspects throughout the day as well with the Sun and Mercury in their Superior Conjunction at 15:45 Libra.

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