Full Moon in Aries – Oct 5

Snapshot: Thursday starts with the aligning of our motivations and desires to serve or work out. There is an emotional peak around our own path and our relating-ships mid afternoon. Evening brings some magical expression.

At 12:53pm Venus at 19:13 Virgo Conjuncts Mars at 19:13 Virgo.

Venus has been bringing up the rear of the Personal energy for sometime, but now she meets Mars and will zip on past him by Friday. But Thursday we align our Virgo motivations and desires. Men and women are in harmony and our own male/female energy is too. We will be motivated and desiring to serve, to stay fit and attracted to those who want to serve and stay fit or are picky about the details of their lives. There will be actions to touch someone who needs some healing because they are trying to regain their health.

At 2:40pm the Moon at 12:43 Aries Opposes the Sun at 12:43 Libra.

This Opposition creates the Full Moon in Aries. Always an emotional peak, this Full Moon is asking us to view our goals for relating with our feeling about our own path and our personal motivations. We will see what we need to balance to have a bit of both and set goals for the next 2 weeks to bring about the outcome we are feeling intuitively is coming. Whichever House you have 12+ Aries or Libra in will tell you who the players are in your Full Moon energy and what you are deciding regarding relating to them while pursuing your own path as well.

Aries and Libra are the natural 1st House of self and 7th House of partnerships/relating-ships. So we all have that energy operating in the areas of the Houses involved in our charts. Look to your chart to see WHO this balance act of relating involves:

1st/7th House: you and your close friends, partners, competitors

2nd/8th House: your resources and their resources, your desires and shared intimacy

3rd/9th House: your siblings, neighbors, vehicles, communication and foreigners, seniors, higher consciousness folks like pastors or gurus

4th/10th House: your home and your career; your mom and your dad or your land and the banks and other authority types

5th/11 House: your creativity or children and your social network or groups

6th/12th House: your co-workers, roommates, fitness trainers, healthcare types and your hidden house of people you know by faith more than are physical in your life or your hidden enemies (which is really your own fears coming out to play)

At 5:20pm Mercury at 10:32 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 22:32 Sagittarius.

This aspect is magical thoughts and expressions of our new spiritual philosophy as it relates to our relating-ships and close partnerships (our mirrors). Rather than Karmic, we have here a chance for deep, intimate bonding via Saturn’s 5D energies. Mercury is Transiting over the degrees where Jupiter spent the last year and helping us to verbalize our new relating-ship philosophy. It is very much a Higher Minded aspect for Mercury given the 5D Quintile. We can easily express the energies of the Full Moon as well. So enjoy what your thoughts are and the new expressions. Be sure to make a mental note to follow this energy as far as it will take you.

By Friday Mercury aspects Neptune creating a nice aspect between both Karmic Planets and showing us something about how to prepare for the Quintile between Saturn and Neptune that occurs around Christmas time.




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