Magic and Ease – Oct 3

Snapshot: Early Tuesday morning we have some magical relating-ship clarity around the ‘Crisis of Faith’ and our new spiritual philosophy.

At 5:57am (EDT) the Sun at 10:23 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 22:23 Sagittarius.

This is some helpful clarity into ways we can relate our new spiritual philosophy to others. As it is an ‘effortless’ energy of magic, we can set new goals to apply our new philosophy to our relating-ships. It will just feel very clear to us much of why we NEEDED to create a new spiritual philosophy to see us through the Heartbreak Transits of this past year.

At 3:09pm Venus at 16:51 Virgo Trines Pluto at 16:51 Capricorn.

Mars was just in this Trine to Pluto on Sunday evening. You may have noticed how easy it was to serve someone in authority that has even been a pain in your ass recently. Now you will see how you can serve this authority type by sharing yourself or your resources with them. Or how they desire you and you can achieve some of your own desires with their help.

Just a general note that there seems to be some greater ease that we are all enjoying more as we do achieve our new spiritual perspective allowing us to move through the last Heartbreak Square on Nov 2nd with the grace that Saturn in Sagittarius has been wanting for us. I hope you are all enjoying the reprieve as well.


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