Relating-ship Philosophy Expressed & Pluto Direct – Sep 28

Snapshot: On Thursday we will find ourselves expressing our new relating-ship philosophy and how it pertains to our daily routine. Mid-afternoon (EDT), there is a shift in authority as Pluto Stations Direct.

At 9:55am Mercury at 27:22 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Rx at 27:22 Aries.

Meeting Uranus on the exact same degree and minute of his Opposition yesterday with Jupiter means that we will be expressing our new relating-ship philosophy to co-workers, roommates, healthcare and fitness people as well as those people determined by the House where you have 22+ Aries and Virgo in your Natal chart. The revelations of yesterday will now cause us to make an adjustment to our daily routine in order to incorporate our personal motivations (Uranus in Aries) via the Higher Mind energies of yesterday.

At 11:22am Mercury at 27:28 Virgo Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 27:28 Libra.

Now our words will get expressed to our close friends and ‘partners’ as to the adjustment we are making to our daily routine that will better support our new sense of relating and relating-ships. There is something here that settles the subconscious fear as well as we externalize the aspects recently made to Neptune and Chiron through Virgo energy.

At 3:36pm Pluto at 16:51 Capricorn Stations Direct.

While authority types and intimate partners have been slightly diminished in power with Pluto Retrograde, we can expect them to be full force moving forward for the next 6+ months.

Pluto in Capricorn has been Squaring the Natal Neptune of the Baby-Boomers since 2008 when he first ingressed Capricorn. The Baby-Boomer ‘ideal’ reality (as shown by their Neptune) was that everyone should marry (Libra in 3D) once for life. They also created the idea of retirement after 20 years of work and healthcare benefits.

As a generation large enough to push through all of their ‘dreams’ (Neptune) through government, they still have been enjoying most of these things. But Pluto is set to engage the Neptune of the mid-20-somethings (Conjunct their Natal Uranus in Capricorn) in a collective way that will challenge the status quo (Capricorn) of the governmental systems.

Baby-Boomers have been divorcing or losing their partners to ‘death’ (Pluto in 3D) at surprising rates as Pluto Squared their Natal Neptunes. He isn’t done yet. He will be shifting our shared reality from the Baby-Boomer ideal to the Millennials and younger Neptune in Capricorn. They will want equality (Neptune Conjunct Uranus) for all from the government. They are not afraid of global government or socialism.

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