Expressing the Heartbreak Transit & Finding Faith – Sep 25

Snapshot: Early Monday we have magical revelation to change something in our daily routine to provide us with more personal freedom. But a few hours later we may hear about how our change needs to be accountable to our new spiritual/global philosophy.

At 4:13am Mercury at 21:29 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 27:29 Aries.

With Jupiter separating from Chiron and applying to Ses-Square Neptune while Mars is just separating from his Opposition to Neptune, we are in pretty deep waters at the moment. So this aspect between Mercury and Uranus could shake us out of the depths and have us seeing a new path before us that we can express and make plans to move towards. The magic of this aspect will make expressing this CHANGE effortless. The overall effect will be centered around how you initiate the change to some daily activity of health/fitness/work/service or duty.

At 10:36am Mercury at 21:57 Virgo Squares Saturn at 21:57 Sagittarius.

Mercury is in tight orb to Saturn has he makes magic with Uranus. Depending on how this hits your chart, you may or may not feel the effortlessness of the above aspect as Mercury meets Saturn on the same degree. Here he needs to be accountable for his new plans and his ideas for change so that they align with his new spiritual/global philosophy. Is your service available to all people, from all backgrounds? Does your health routine align with your sense of wholeli-ness? Depending on where, by House, you have Saturn Transiting, you will have other big story that you have been dealing with as part of the Heartbreak Transit that was a ‘Crisis of Faith.’

Virgo is our ‘being’ energy that externalizes the subconscious realm, where Chiron and Neptune are Transiting. Mercury will be Opposing Chiron on Wednesday so he is entering a rolling T-Square energy with the Heartbreak Transit players: Saturn and Chiron. T-Squares are hard. Something is going to be said that expresses the pain, but today you are already challenged to ensure your new philosophical FAITH supports your daily routine and BEING.

Monday through Thursday Mercury and Jupiter are making all of the aspects:

  1. Mercury is dealing with revelation (Uranus), Karmic fear and accountability (Saturn), Soul-Level lessons on Tuesday (North Node), Soul’s umbilical cord (Chiron) on Wednesday and then back to Uranus to make an adjustment to his CHANGE plans based on the aspects that occur in between.
  2. Jupiter is applying to Ses-Square Neptune on Wednesday morning and Opposing Uranus by Wednesday evening.

Mercury will be expressing this week’s Higher Mind and Soulful energies by Thursday as he meets in a Semi-Sextile to Jupiter.

Its a week to take note of what gets expressed and to reconcile it all against your subconscious fears/wounding and your new spiritual/global philosophy.


5 thoughts on “Expressing the Heartbreak Transit & Finding Faith – Sep 25

  1. not sure i can take much more heartache. definitely on the verge….. whats the point? never been more tired & exhausted. can barely open my eyes or even put sentences together to effectively do my job. thanks. jen ________________________________

    1. That’s the point… to see what we can endure and find a path out of it all. Retreat to ur soul to manage the heartache and just move through it all with trust. We have to detach emotionally in order to find the objectivity of the experience. Yearning for what we can’t have, or afraid we can’t have, is the heartache. Only in letting go of the physical outcome can you find a path forward. That awareness is pouring in this week. Rest with it as best you can and absorb the Higher Mind energy available all the way from head (uranus in Aries) to your toes (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. See the magic and heartache of life in a human body😊

  2. No heartache for me but I’m struggling to find and keep patience with David lately. You said some will feel it and some don’t though?

    1. It all depends on your Natal Chart and the way the aspects hit you. Maybe you are avoiding or manipulating another party without being aware that’s what it feels like to them. In 5D we don’t have as much pain from Chiron, though we will be aware that’s what will appear before our eyes. Each of us get hit by these shared transits differently and at slightly different times based on our own planets involvement.

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