Mars Meets the Higher Minds – Sep 23/24

Snapshot: This weekend our actions will receive what our Higher Minds are saying to us. As Mercury did on Monday and Tuesday with expressions via the same 3 aspects, Mars will now deliver the action.

At 3:25am (EDT) on Saturday Mars at 11:22 Virgo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 26:22 Libra.

Here we be very anal about deciding when and now to act, but we will act in a big way. It could irritate someone slightly, but they will easily recover when they see what your intentions are.

At 4:28am Jupiter at 26:22 Libra Quincunx Chiron Rx at 26:22 Pisces.

As I wrote about this yesterday, Jupiter is making an adjustment to his relating-ship philosophy in light of the on-going ‘Crisis of Faith.’ Any guilt, shame, avoidance or emotional manipulation you or they have been doing is going to get some healing here.

At 3:49pm on Sunday Mars at 12:20 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 12:20 Pisces.

Now we need to balance our actions with some subconscious fear. With Mars, we usually act (or someone else does) without thinking first. But we could fumble the actions we take in some clumsy or hesitating way. The type of energy doubt causes and we trip ourselves up. See what the subconscious fear is and acknowledge it. Keep moving as it will show you something else… how to let it go.

At 9:58pm Mars at 12:29 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 27:29 Aries.

Now the revelation comes in around what our actions were all about. Jupiter is applying to Oppose Uranus next Wednesday and so our adjustment to actions today may well show us a bit of how to balance our own freedom in a relating-ship or in service to someone else.

Remember the Sun made these same three aspects on Aug 29 (Semi-Square to Jupiter) and the other 2 aspects on Sep 5. Mercury made these same aspects on Monday and Tuesday. The Sun brought clarity, Mercury brought expression and Mars is bringing actions and motivation. Venus will move through these 3 aspects on Sep 29 (Opposing Neptune and Ses-Square Uranus) and Sep 30 (Semi-Square to Jupiter). Her aspects are out of the usual order as Jupiter moves faster than the other 2 Higher Mind Planets. But Venus will show us our desires and how to apply our resources to what we are gleening from the earlier aspects.

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