Jupiter in The Merlin Mind – Sep 23-27

Snapshot: Over the next week our relating-ship philosophy will get tested against our ‘Crisis of Faith’, our subconscious fears and change we need to make to follow our personal path to freedom.

To get the most of this week, you need to be operating in your Merlin Mind… that is your 5D mind. Our 3 Higher Mind Planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, in aspect to each other allow us to elevate our thoughts to align effortlessly with the holographic story before us. But Chiron is an essential part of the Merlin Mind as it is the umbilical cord to our Soul, collective Soul in Pisces. If you are in deep pain, you are in 3D. If you understand the need for Chiron and can be grateful for the pain, you are moving into 5D. Chiron in the pain necessary to bring you back to Soul Awareness.

Jupiter is an Outer Planet and Transpersonal Planet with a longer orbit that the Inner/Personal Planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Now Jupiter is nearing the end of his year-long (or 13-months) Transit of Libra. On Oct 10th he will ingress Scorpio. He ingressed Libra on Sep 10, 2016.

Jupiter rules the Sign of Sagittarius, higher consciousness, big-picture thinking/global thinking, philosophy, religious/spiritual matters, optimism and speculation as well as foreign places, long distance travel, seniors and mentors.

Over the last year you have been looking at relationships in a new way. Rather than adopting the Baby-Boomer philosophy and ideal (Neptune) that everyone should marry once for life, you may have simply been focusing on relating better to everyone around you. You might have been able to look at your Libra ‘mirrors’, or ‘other’ projections with a greater perspective that didn’t try to fix things into a physical reality for the long-haul. If this is something you have been thinking through, this was Jupiter helping you. This is why, in 5D, I call it ‘relating-ships.’ From the Soul’s perspective, you can have many ‘relating-ships’ rather than relationships as, if you use your Higher Mind Planetary energies, you would understand there is no separation between you and all the ‘others’.

If you didn’t arrive at a bit more of philosophical bent this year, then perhaps you have a Natal chart that allows you to stay in one relating-ship. But most of us don’t. However, all of us can open up our perspective more easily this week as Jupiter wraps up our relating-ships philosophy by meeting the other Higher Mind Planets and our umbilical cord to the Soul, Chiron.

Exacting at 4:28am on Saturday, Jupiter at 26:22 Libra will Quincunx Chiron Rx at 26:22 Pisces.

Chiron has been bringing up quite a bit of Soul-Level agony and pain this year via the Heartbreak Squares with Saturn. We still have one more of those to go on Nov 2nd. But Jupiter is a Healing Planet as he allows us to see the global view of things such as Karma so we don’t have to blame others we can see the Duality as the ‘dance of life’ and something beautiful in its symmetry that we used to call ‘good and evil.’ Chiron in Pisces has challenged most of us this last year on whether or not we want to STAY in our human bodies or would prefer to return to our Souls. Saturn’s Squares to Chiron have made this question very compelling. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, where Saturn is Transiting. We are challenged to develop a new global/spiritual philosophy of ‘faith’ to see us through the shame, guilt, avoidance and emotional manipulation that Chiron in Pisces brings up.

As Jupiter aspects Chiron over the next few days, see how to adjust your philosophy of relating-ships to align with your new global/spiritual philosophy so you can heal some of the pain of 2017 and move into more Soul Awareness.

As Jupiter separates from Chiron from Sunday to Wednesday, he will begin applying to the other 2 Higher Mind Planets: Neptune and Uranus. Jupiter is the 3rd Higher Mind Planet himself so these aspects are taking us into realms of ‘whole-liness’ where we KNOW we are all connected in this ‘game of life.’

At 10:37am on Wednesday Jupiter at 27:15 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 12:15 Pisces.

Here we need to make an adjustment that results in ease between our relating-ship philosophy and any old subconscious fears we need to let go of. If you are resisting relating with someone, it is time to just DO IT, lose the fear and the ease will follow. If you have been drinking more this year, or escaping and avoiding more things this year, you need to adjust your subconscious fears and RELATE to others. The ease will follow. These 2 Planets in hard aspect create all kinds of too much subconscious stuff that blurs our self-identity. But this aspect will assist us in seeing how we might be creating our own self-undoing through addictions and unhealthy habits allowing us to manage the energies with ease.

Neptune is returning and applying to the degree of the 2nd Karmic Square to Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:05 of Pisces and Sagittarius (respectively) on Jul 17, 2015. There is an opportunity here to have some healing around your ability to relate to anyone you may have Karmically separated yourself from at that time. The Planets may bring you back together, but follow the energies and allow for reunion to occur for your own sense of healing.

Occurring almost simultaneously, Jupiter will Oppose Uranus.

At 12:25am on Thursday Jupiter at 27:22 Opposes Uranus Rx at 27:22 Aries.

Now we get to the illumination, awareness and CHANGE part of these aspects. Jupiter Opposite Uranus will cause us to strike a balance between our own motivations and path to freedom against a relating-ship we may be involved in. How do we do our own thing while also relating to others? Well, in 5D, you know the ‘others’ can come and go with the energy. You are really playing with your own projection. Aries, though, it very centered on our own drives. We will see many things in the contrast of these 2 Higher Minds across self and others axis (Aries/Libra).

Go for the most insight! See what your Merlin Mind can do when you don’t believe in a fixed outer reality. See if you can allow for a bit of magic in what you glimpse and sense.

Besides Jupiter this week, Mars will be meeting with Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus on Saturday and Sunday. Then Mercury jumps in, too, with different types of aspects. Its going to be a very illuminating week!!


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