Mercury in Higher Mind Energy – Sep 20

Snapshot: On the heels of the New Moon we received unexpected communications and/or revelations which results in the clarity needed to make a change to our Virgo areas of life: work, health, fitness, service, duty, volunteering, co-workers, bosses/managers, roommates and all daily routines.

At 2:50am (EDT) Mercury at 12:39 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 27:39 Aries.

Just 80 minutes after the New Moon exacts, with Mercury still in orb of his Opposition to Neptune, and separating from a Semi-Square to Jupiter that exacted on Monday, he has to make an adjustment to revelations, unexpected communications as he meets with Uranus. These 3 aspects over 2 days has Mercury meeting up with all of our Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune). He is not operating from just his 3D energy, but is being elevated into higher realms here. Which means these communications should be heeded.

As Mercury met Jupiter on Monday dinnertime, he was still in the Shadow of his Retrograde cycle. This was the final word on something. But his Opposition to Neptune and this aspect to Uranus are in new territory. So the balance you need to strike at the Opposition to Neptune on Tuesday night will lead to the revelation to make some personal changes a few hours later just after the New Moon exacts.

You can trust the communications occurring at these aspects as they are coming from Higher Mind Planets. Heed them and find your way forward.

The Sun made these same 3 aspects: Semi-Square to Jupiter on Aug 29; Opposition to Neptune on Sep 5; and Ses-Square to Uranus on Sep 5th. Whatever clarity you received during these aspects will now be communicated to Virgo types in your life (as shown by House placement in your chart) as Mercury moves through.

Mars will be next to encounter all 3 of these Higher Mind Planets on Sep 23 and 24. At that time our motivations will be coming from Higher Mind energies and showing up what is really going on as we act on these energies.

Heeding these Higher Mind energies over your Mercury mind IS what it takes to be in your Merlin Mind!

At 6:20am the Sun at 27:39 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Rx at 27:39 Aries.

This part 2 of the Sun in a Soul Awareness aspect. On Tuesday morning the Sun Opposes Chiron and we had clarity around the Heartbreak Transit, ‘Crisis of Faith’ we have been going through since last December. Now as the Sun gives us clarity we will see the path ahead to our personal freedom. We will know what is in store if we shake ourselves out of our rut and CHANGE.

Venus, near the degrees of the Aug 21st Solar Eclipse at 27:53 Leo, met both Chiron and Uranus on Sunday. The area of illumination was around our fun, children, romance and creativity. The Sun is making different aspects to the same Planets from Virgo so the clarity is around work, health, fitness, service, etc.

And so we have the illumination of the next 2 weeks as we rise on Wednesday morning. What are you going to do to complete some goals in your Virgo areas of life within those 2 weeks?

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