Venus in the Heartbreak Transit – Sep 17

Snapshot: On Sunday we have our desires for fun and romance encountering Soul Awareness with wounding and revelation. There is clarity midday around our relating with others.

At 3:17am on Sunday Venus at 26:39 Leo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 26:39 Pisces.

This aspect is Part 1 of Venus’ Soul Awareness on Sunday. Here we need to make an adjustment to our fun and romance to heal some of the guilt, shame, avoidance and emotional manipulation caused by the Heartbreak Transits of Saturn Square Chiron (3 passes: Dec 28, Apr 30 and Nov 2). Venus offers healing around some of these areas and the ability to have more fun certainly would help. But the fun needs to be considered in light of any pain caused by the Heartbreak Squares.

In 3D, Chiron is a very strong wounding, but as you move into 5D there doesn’t really need to be much pain at all. That is the difference between being cut off from Source in 3D and Soul Awareness of 5D.

About Chiron from a 5D/Soul Awareness perspective – on my YouTube channel

At 8:17pm the Sun at 25:17 Virgo Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 25:17 Libra.

A minor aspect of clarity around service to others that helps in the way we relate. Jupiter is interpersonal so there is someone else involved in the clarity you have today. Is your service to them helping you to relate better? Libra is about reciprocity so there may be some clarity around how things need to be better balanced. But Jupiter will help you see how to do that.

At 12:27am on Monday Venus at 27:43 Leo Trines Uranus Rx at 27:43 Aries.

After making her adjustment to Chiron, now Venus will easily receive the awareness from Uranus that is a bolt out of the blue, Soul insight in a flash, something to help us change our desires with ease. Uranus brings up new ways of seeing things that are shocking and bizarre, but just the right answer… especially with a Trine. You can take this awareness and move it into 5D which will allow you to rise above any of the guilt, shame, need to avoid or emotionally manipulate that you or others have been doing. Seek ways to heal through more fun, humor and touch.



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